It’s Official, NFTs in Games are Just Horse Armor

The recent Galaverse event hosted by NFT developer Gala Games played host to a major announcement yesterday — their upcoming NFT battle royale game Grit will launch on the Epic Games Store. This is important, because like, as we all know, the last game that launched on the Epic Games Store was Fortnite, and Fortnite is popular and makes a lot of money. Thus, the logic goes, Grit will be popular and make a lot of money too.

Of course, a game cannot succeed on hype alone, and Grit looks great so far, from the fact that your character spins around in a circle with no animation to the PUBG but there are cowboy hats aesthetic. And in their generosity towards players, Gala Games gave away 500 Epic Chests to Galaverse attendees, each of which contained gear that can be brought between games. Games like Fortnite? No, not that one. Other, better games which are soon to eclipse Fortnite and its ilk. How? Don’t worry about it!

Now, what’s in these Epic Chests? Well, it’s a horse. A horse wearing… is that… armor?

Yes, after years of jokes that NFTs are simply a redux of the Oblivion Horse Armor DLC fiasco, here we are — NFTs in games that are literally horses wearing armor. But wait, that’s not all, because this horse isn’t even a unique asset designed for the game. As Twitter commenters pointed out, it’s from a commercial asset pack available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace called Horse For Heroes. That’s right — for only $29.99, this armor-wearing horse can be yours. And what’s more, if you buy it from the Unreal Engine Marketplace, you can in fact use it in any game you’d like — and indeed, any game of your own creation.

Anyway, I personally cannot wait for Grift to blow Fortnite, which again, is the last game that launched on the Epic Store, out of the water. This time next year, we’re all going to be enjoying our cowboy battle royale game, trading armored horses, and spinning on our heels without moving our legs at all. And if you think otherwise, well, you’re just never gonna make it.