Looks Like None of the Voice Actors Are Returning for the Injustice: Gods Among Us Movie

As is common in superhero media.

The cast for the upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us animated adaptation has been revealed, and it looks like none of the actors who played these iterations of the DC Comics heroes in the fighting game source material will be reprising their roles.

Hollywood Reporter has a full cast list, and it includes a few characters who didn’t make an appearance in the games, as it will be “inspired by” the Year One comics that acted as a prequel to the original Injustice: Gods Among Us. However, none of the characters who appeared in the game will be voiced by the same actor in the film. This isn’t uncommon with superhero media, as most of these characters have been voiced by different talent over the years. But I am a little disappointed I won’t get to hear Alan Tudyk as Green Arrow again…unless there’s a third game in the works.

The full cast list reads as follows:

  • Justin Hartley as Superman
  • Anson Mount as Batman
  • Laura Bailey as Lois Lane and Rama Kushna
  • Zach Callison as Damian and Jimmy Olsen
  • Brian T. Delaney as Green Lantern
  • Brandon Michael Hall as Cyborg
  • Edwin Hodge as Mr. Terrific and Killer Croc
  • Oliver Hudson as Plastic Man
  • Gillian Jacobs as Harley Quinn
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Mirror Master, Flash, and Shazam
  • Derek Phillips as Nightwing and Aquaman
  • Kevin Pollak as Joker and Jonathan Kent
  • Anika Noni Rose as Catwoman
  • Reid Scott as Green Arrow and Victor Zsasz
  • Faran Tahir as Ra’s al Ghul
  • Fred Tatasciore as Captain Atom
  • Janet Varney as Wonder Woman
  • Andrew Morgado as Mirror Master Soldier

More DC Comics:

The Injustice series takes place in an alternate DC universe where Superman becomes a dictator after the death of his love Lois Lane. Then through some dimension-hopping shenanigans, the more traditional versions of these characters are brought to this timeline to fight Superman and other heroes who joined his regime. It’s a pretty fun concept and paved the way for what’s probably my favorite fighting game in Injustice 2.