Indies Get Their Digital E3 Moment With Guerrilla Collective Digital Event

The three day event will take place in June.

With every event in video games either being cancelled outright like E3 or going digital like EA Play in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, there’s a bit of a dearth in places for people to find out about upcoming indie games that won’t be featured on the stages of these digital events. Today, Media Indie Exchange has announced that the Guerrilla Collective, a three-day event in June, will be hosting 28 independent developer announcements to fill this particular void.

The event will take place at 10 a.m. Pacific on June 6, 7, and 8, and will be hosted by Kinda Funny host Greg Miller. Here’s the list of currently announced studios and companies involved:

  • 11 Bit Studios
  • Another Indie
  • Coffee Stain
  • Fellow Traveller
  • Funcom
  • Good Shepherd
  • Head Up
  • Humble Bundle
  • Larian Studios
  • Modern Wolf
  • Paradox Interactive
  • Raw Fury
  • Rebellion
  • Those Awesome Guys
  • Thunderful
  • United Label
  • Versus Evil
  • Whitethorn Games
  • Wings
  • Ysbrd Games
  • ZA/UM

While most companies are being pretty tight lipped about what they’re showing, ZA/UM did post on Twitter that it plans to talk about some “disco hijinks,” likely referring to Disco Elysium. Whether that means it’s going to be revealing some new content for the game, or maybe talking about the console ports (including the Nintendo Switch version announced back in April) is unknown at this point, but maybe finally I’ll know when I’ll get to join in on this particular gem.

In other news:

After E3’s cancellation, there are a lot of new events springing up in search of that coveted June timeslot. Even if E3 specifically isn’t going on, people know to expect video game news around that time, so some companies and showcases are flocking to that month. While Guerrilla Collective will have its event in June, so will EA Play. Game Awards boss man Geoff Keighley is also hosting a new event called Summer Game Fest that will run from May to August, which will end just as the digital version of Gamescom happens, as well. Then a few weeks later the Tokyo Game Show digital event will also take place, so while every event is either being cancelled or made into an online-only event, it seems like there will be no shortage of video game news between now and at least September.

Will anything be normal by then? It’s hard to say, as even events like BlizzCon that are scheduled for November are ready to shut the show down at a moment’s notice.

Beyond large social gatherings, other sides of the industry are being affected by the coronavirus pandemic, including retailers that are risking the health of their employees to turn a profit, developers who are adapting to new work-from-home setups and the new challenges that brings to making video games, and just regular players of video games who now have an even harder time just buying a video game than they already did.