I’m Obsessed with this Little Doll of Joker from Persona 5

He's stolen my heart.

Friends, I have a dedicated shelf for my Persona memorabilia, and right now it’s mainly got figures of the best boy Ryuji Sakamoto. But whoever put together the photoshoot for this new Persona 5 Piccodo Action Doll of protagonist Joker is marketing to me, specifically. There is no heart for him to steal because looking at these photos is making my heart explode.

Look at him and Morgana sleeping!

He comes with a jacket as part of his Shujin Academy uniform and it almost looks too big for him and it’s just so cute I can barely stand it. But one thing that’s keeping me from dropping the $104+ on it is that, according to the listing, the entire bedroom is just a display made for the photoshoot, and not included. This is all well and good, but it does make me wonder if the cute factor would be as prominent if I simply had the doll without the props. And if I paid for the doll, would my desire to recreate scenes like Joker and Morgana looking out the window compel me to pay even more money to make a little set for the boy and his cat?

God, okay. I gotta close the tab. Or else I’m gonna end up $104+ poorer. If you want a lil Joker for your shelf, the doll comes out in May of next year.

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In other Persona news, the series is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and Atlus and P-Studio are teasing seven new reveals as part of it. The first announcement is set to happen next month, and we don’t really have any concrete information about what it might be. Could be a port of Persona 5 Royal to Switch. Might be a new installment of the Arena fighting game. Or it could even be a teaser for a possible Persona 6. Only time will tell.