If You’re Fast Enough, Abby Can Kill Tommy in Last of Us Part II

A quick enough player can see something Naughty Dog never intended for them to see.

The following will contain spoilers for The Last of Us Part II.

I’ve recently been replaying The Last of Us Part II, and there’s a segment on Abby’s (the super-secret second protagonist of the game alongside Ellie) third day in Seattle that stuck out to me in a way it hadn’t in previous playthroughs. Near the beginning of the chapter, there’s a pseudo chase sequence/shootout with Tommy, the brother of ex-protagonist Joel who is out here killing Abby’s friends as part of a revenge tour for his brother’s murder. The player isn’t meant to catch or defeat Tommy at this point, but the section does a pretty good job of making you feel like you’re just on the verge of taking down the vengeful sniper. The segment is effective in how much it feels like you can win the fight if you try hard enough, but it’s scripted, mostly. And that could be frustrating to some, but it’s the way the whole thing was written to be. However, it’s been discovered by YouTuber Speclizer (thanks to The Gamer) that, if you’re fast enough Abby can catch up to her would-be killer and do some damage.

This truth is shown in the first minute of the following video:

Catching up to Tommy reveals that he functions as most enemies do in the game, but because of his placement usually being just out of reach, it’s uncommon to actually get close enough to notice. But if you’re fast and can successfully dodge every shot he fires, it’s possible to catch up to him at the boat terminal and shoot, punch, choke, or whatever you decide to do to him. It has no actual narrative consequence, as Tommy survives this encounter (and the full game) regardless of any outmaneuvering you might do. But it is at least interesting to see the character is scripted to be more than just a setpiece.

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The Last of Us Part II recently received a patch that allows the game to run at 60 frames-per-second if played on a PlayStation 5. This is what I just finished my replay on, and it definitely made a lot of difference.

Naughty Dog says it has an outline for a hypothetical Last of Us Part III, but says such a game is not in active development at the studio.


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