If You Think the Real World Isn’t Scary Enough, Experience P.T. Remade in VR

Look behind you. Or ahead of you. Both are terrifying.

“There’s goosebumps all down my legs,” says YouTuber William McMahon as he plays through a Half-Life: Alyx mod of the legendary Playable Teaser, or P.T, of Silent Hills.

The mod has been created by modder AmbientDruth, who is gradually adding more features from the 2014 demo of what would have been Silent Hills before its cancellation. On the Steam workshop page where you can download the mod, AmbientDruth lists the features already implemented and the ones they’re working on including.

Stuff that is already in the mod:
– Looping Corridor
– Radio ambience
– The red corridor ending
– Lisa Audio
– Light ambience
– Rain Ambience
– Paper bag that talks to you
– More creepy triggers
– Random Radio Turn off and on moments
– Door audio sounds
– Longer Hallways
– More Props
– Better Spawn Room Textures

Stuff I’m planning to add:
– Random radio turn off and on moments
– More triggers in general
– Refine textures (more accurate)
– Get accurate lights and props
– Flashlight
– Endings
– Punishments to bad deeds (breaking bottles and such)
– Easter Eggs

Consider donating some cash to help me make these maps faster!

AmbientDruth states it’s their first time uploading a Half-Life: Alyx mod, which is extremely impressive considering how well this mod captures the ambiance and look of P.T. What was a PlayStation 4 exclusive demo that is now nearly impossible to play since publisher Konami’s removal of it in 2015 can be re-experienced — or if you’re like William McMahon, experienced for the first time — on PC and on the Source 2 Engine.

It’s not a perfect recreation and there are notable graphical differences — especially the floating hand that sometimes appears and which was obviously not in the game I played several years ago. But it’s an already incredible creation that shows how deeply P.T.‘s community is still dedicated to the game after all this time.

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The previous example of the community’s dedication that went viral emerged only less than a year ago. In Sept. 2019, investigative hacker Lance McDonald detached the in-game camera from the player’s locked field of view and revealed that Lisa — the demo’s most frightening figure responsible for the biggest jump scares — is perpetually right behind you. The voice you hear throughout the demo teases you that she’s right behind you in what is likely P.T.‘s scariest moment, but until this, players hadn’t known she was behind you long before he says anything. The discovery quickly went viral on Twitter, where McDonald shared more details on the hack.

On YouTube, McDonald also shared the hack in action for almost 10 minutes. It is on his channel, where he regularly uncovers hidden, abandoned, or otherwise inaccessible content in various games like Bloodborne and NieR: Automata. He also has a Patreon that aims to offers extended footage of his hacking adventures, which you can pledge to here.

Earlier this year in March, a representative of Konami quelled rumors that Silent Hills would be making its return. The rumors originated from a report on Rely on Horror, which later posted the statement denying them.

“We’re aware of all the rumors and reports but can confirm that they are not true. I know it’s not the answer your fans may want to hear,” said a representative in the statement. “It’s not to say we are completely closing the door on the franchise, just not in the way it is being reported.”

The statement didn’t close the door on the series entirely, leaving fans of the Silent Hill franchise hopeful that they’ll one day see the series come back.

Until the day when it might come back, you can check out AmbientDruth’s Half-Life: Alyx mod, or play Dead by Daylight‘s recent content update with plenty of Silent Hill material, to tide you over.