If a Pokken Tournament Sequel Happens, Please Fix Pikachu’s Hideous Human Hand

Katsuhiro Harada, the director behind the Tekken series, was asked by a fan on Twitter if he thought Bandai Namco would ever make a sequel to Pokken Tournament, the fighting game set in the Pokemon universe. And while he’s down, it’s not his decision.

Harada responded by saying Bandai Namco had a solid relationship with Nintendo and the Pokemon Company, and that response to Pokken Tournament was positive enough to merit revisiting it, but it would be up to the property owners if a sequel ever happened.

But reader, consider this: would a sequel to Pokken Tournament address the single greatest crime the Pokemon fighter committed when it launched on Wii U and later on Switch? Would it be brave enough to undo the psychic damage it gave me when it made Pikachu, the lovable mascot of the entire franchise, have a human-shaped hand when he used his most powerful attack for some godforsaken reason?

If you were playing as the little electric rodent that could, his most powerful move, or Burst Attack, was called Volt Shock Fist. This move gives the little king a whole ass human hand while he strikes his opponent with an electrified punch. Pokken Tournament was one of the first games I ever bought for my Switch when I got it a few months after launch, and that horrifying image of Pikachu suddenly having all 27 bones found in the human hand has been burned into my psyche and I don’t think I’ve fully recovered. Little dude has five fingers, sure. But they certainly don’t look like that.

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While it sounds like a hypothetical Pokken Tournament sequel isn’t going to be here any time soon, the Pokemon series is in the midst of celebrating its 25th anniversary. So there’s sure to be a fair amount of Pokemon content coming in the next year. The Pokemon Company announced it was kicking things off with a musical collaboration with pop artist Katy Perry, which will feature more musical acts as the year goes on. New Pokemon Snap is the first major game coming in 2021, which is set to launch on Switch on April 30.

Beyond that? We don’t know much yet. But there’s been rumors floating around that we might see a remake of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, which both originally launched on the Nintendo DS in 2006. It would make sense, considering the first three mainline Pokemon games have been remade in some fashion. These remakes would fill an RPG-shaped hole for fans in 2021, as Pokemon Sword & Shield just wrapped up their DLC expansions last year with “Isle of Armor” and “Crown Tundra.”


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