ICYMI: Here’s Everything from Xbox’s Gamescom Show

Microsoft took over the Gamescom stage for their own stream.

There was a time where the summer game stops would be E3 for everyone, Paris Games Week for Sony, Gamescom for Microsoft, and Nintendo just kind of whenever. Though things have massively changed and shifted through marketing forces and the pandemic, but Microsoft has still stuck to Gamescom, as they continue to do in 2021.

If you didn’t get to watch Microsoft’s show this year, we have a full rundown of everything from the stream right here.

  • A new Dying Light 2 trailer airs that focuses on narrative and characters with some action parkour shots mixed in. Ever wanted to ride a zombie out the window? You can do that now! Ever want to talk to a dude with a Rip Torn face who insists you pick a side? You can do that too! The game launches on December 7 after its previous delays.

  • Jorg Neuman, the head of Microsoft Flight Simulator sits down to talk about big planes. He brings with him Germany (cool), Austria (neat), and Switzerland (neutral), coming to Flight Simulator.

  • Indie titles under the Humble Games banner Archvale, Next Space Rebels, Midnight Fight Express, Dodgeball Academia, Bushiden, Flynn: Son of Crimson, Unpacking, Signalis, Unsighted, Chinatown Detective Agency are all in a sizzle reel confirming they’re on Game Pass day one.

  • Into the Pit, a roguelite first-person-shooter gets a trailer. It is also launching day one on Game Pass on October 19.

  • Age of Empires 4 gets its time in the spotlight by showing off the trebuchet in a live-action trailer documenting a replica in England. This is a surprisingly long segment. I learned a lot about trebuchets.
  • Cloud gaming is coming to Xbox consoles (One, S, X) this holiday. What this means is that Xbox One console owners can play Series S|X exclusive games, too.
  • For Wasteland 3, a new trailer shows off new content by the name of Cult of the Holy Detonation, coming October 5. The developers want to incorporate darker and serious themes while yielding none of the goofiness or silliness.
  • A new Sea of Thieves event starting today awards players with a new Borderlands-themed ship. The ship has the Borderlands logo all over and its red and yellow color scheme. It starts on August 24 and runs through September 7.
  • A new State of Decay 2 trailer shows off a new expansion called Homecoming, which they consider the third part of the saga.
  • Stray Blade, from Point Blank and 505 games, is shown. The third-person action game with a fantasy bent is coming in 2022.
  • Crusader Kings III is shown from Paradox Interactive, now on its way to Xbox.
  • Psychonauts 2, which will be released tomorrow, gets a launch trailer.
  • The Gunk, which was revealed last year from the developers of the Steamworld series, gets its first gameplay trailer. No release date, but it is launching day one on Game Pass. A news post after confirmed a December release, though!

That’s it for the Xbox show! Nothing from Halo Infinite, though perhaps the Gamescom Opening Night Live show might have something instead?


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