ICYMI: Here’s Everything at the June Third Party Nintendo Direct

You love to see it coming (to Switch).

As we close out June, Nintendo was not content to be left out of Fanbyte’s Hot Game Summer coverage of all the game showcases that happened this month. Like Sony, it chose not to spotlight its first-party games, and instead was focused on third-party partners. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the show yet, you can do that right here:

For everyone else, here’s our recap:

  • We got a story trailer for Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion, which is just a couple days away at this point. It’s coming to Switch on June 30.
  • Nier Automata: End of YoRHa Edition is coming to Switch, so you can cry about “Weight of the World” on the go. Like not having the game on Switch has ever stopped you. It will include Switch exclusive costumes, and launch on October 6.
  • Next up is puzzle adventure game Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, which will launch next year as a Switch console-exclusive.
  • The next segment focused on classic character returns, beginning with Super Bomberman R 2, which includes a new, 15-player mode called Castle Mode. The mode is asynchronous and pits 14 players against one. It will come to Switch next year.
  • A new collection of Mega Man games is coming to the Switch, this time covering the franchise’s Battle Network subseries. The Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection contains a split package of ten games from the Battle Network series. It will come to Switch next year.
  • Next up is a remake of Pac-Man World called Pac-Man World: Re-Pac. The 3D platformer will launch on Switch on August 26.
  • A cooperative, emotional puzzle platformer about a fawn and a wolf pup called Blanc is launching as a console exclusive in February.
  • After a brief tease back in April, Return to Monkey Island made a proper appearance, and will be a Switch console exclusive when the adventure game launches later this year.
  • If you missed the leaked information yesterdayMario + Rabbids: Spark of Hope is coming to Switch on October 20.
  • Little Noah: Scion of Paradise is a sidescrolling action game with procedurally generated levels, and it’s available on Switch later today.
  • Railgrade, a railroad management sim, is coming to Switch this fall.
  • RPG Time: The Legend of Wright, is an RPG that takes place entirely with a notebook and riffs on that concept by letting you draw and erase things to manipulate the game. It’s coming to Switch on August 18.
  • Sonic Frontiers has gotten a handful of showcases over the past month, but the Direct revealed on the game’s cyber space levels, which looks like they’re built more along the lines of the series’ usual level design as opposed to the open-world style of the rest of the game.
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley is a big ol’ Disney crossover where you play as an original, created character who interacts with Disney and Pixar characters in a shared universe. It’s coming to Switch on September 6 as an early access game.
  • The Live A Live remake is getting a demo today that will let you transfer your progress to the main game when it launches on July 22.
  • Doraemon Story of Seasons : Friends of the Great Kingdom is a farming simulator with cooperative play that launches on Switch later this year.
  • Minecraft Legends and its action/strategy spin on the series is coming to Switch next year.
  • Dragon Quest Treasures, a spin-off on the JRPG series, is an action take on the universe, and it’s coming to Switch on December 9.
  • Next is a montage of games that have had some level of showcase more recently (or are already out). It included games like Fire Emblem Warriors: Three HopesNo Man’s Sky, and A Plague Tale: Requiem.
  • Portal and Portal 2 are coming to Switch today as the Portal: Companion Collection.
  • Harvestella is a new life simulation RPG from Square-Enix, which mixes farming, social elements, and fantasy combat. It will launch Switch on November 4.
  • Sometimes we can have nice things, as Persona 3 PortablePersona 4 Golden, and Persona 5 Royal are all coming to the Switch, just as they are to Xbox, PC, and PlayStation. Shoutout to all those other systems because now that these games are coming to Switch, I will not be playing them on anything else. Persona 5 Royal will come to Switch on October 21, with the others coming at a later date.