ICYMI: Here’s Everything at Nintendo’s Indie World Presentation

Loads of indies getting announced and releasing today.

Indie World, Nintendo’s Indie-focused event that sits in parallel to the typical Nintendo Direct presentations, got another quarterly show today. There’s usually quite a few reveals and updates, plus a lot of shadow drops — games that get released the day of the show. Here’s everything and the kitchen sink shown today:

  • The Jet Set Radio-like Bomb Rush Cyberfunk opens the show with new gameplay and banging music tracks. It is a timed console exclusive for Switch in 2022.
  • The pleasant-looking black & white photography game TOEM gets a new gameplay trailer and explainer. The game releases this Fall.
  • Loop Hero, the incredibly popular looping roguelite semi-management game comes to Switch finally. The game releases on the hybrid console this holiday.
  • A new game from the creators of FAR: Lone Sails is shown, titled FAR: Changing Tides. It focuses on sailing a large boat at the end of the world and explode the now-flooded landscape, coming in 2022.
  • The anime-stylize first-person narrative adventure Necrobarista: Final Pour is revealed, a definitive director’s cut version of 2020’s game. It is releasing later today as a timed console-exclusive.
  • Garden Story, a cute Zelda-like, releases later today.
  • Boyfriend Dungeon, a game where you date your weapons, also comes out today. You can read our review here.
  • The incredibly anticipated Axiom Verge 2 is out today as well.
  • Shovel Knight puzzle game titled Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon is revealed. The cast of Shovel Knight crawls through dungeons by solving competitive puzzles. It also supports the Shovel Knight amiibo. Pocket Dungeon releases this holiday on Switch.
  • Islanders: Console Edition, a quaint and peaceful game about building islands that has been on PC for a while, is coming to Switch later today.
  • Metal Slug Tactics is show again after its reveal at Summer Games Fest. The new trailer shows expanding maps, big bosses, and a 2022 date.
  • Enhance games announces Tetris Effect Connected, the incredibly good Tetris game with an expanded multiplayer mode, is coming to Switch with cross-platform multplayer on October 8.
  • A sizzle reel featuring AstroneerHundred Days – Winemaking SimulatorSlime Rancher: Plortable EditionLumbear JackCurious Expedition 2, and Gang Beasts is shown.
  • Chucklefish, the publisher behind Stardew Valley, shows off Eastward, a 2D action-RPG. The game is releasing as a timed console-exclusive on September 16.

Was there anything that leapt out at you today? Any games shadow dropping that have you rushing to your Switch to pick up?


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