ICYMI: Here’s a Breakdown of Everything at the E3 Ubisoft Forward

Although, Summer Game Fest is also saying this is part of their show.

Ubisoft had already said ahead of time what it would be showing at its E3/Summer Game Fest Ubisoft Forward presentation. But as it also hinted, there were a handful of surprises shown off as well. If you weren’t able to watch it live, here’s our recap:

    • A preshow aired without much of note, but the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming to Brawlhalla, a game I consistently forget exists until I hear about a new guest character, like clockwork.
    • Rainbow Six Quarantine is now Rainbow Six Extraction for obvious reasons. The trailer shows people being stuck in a dark seemingly viral mold. Extremely Resident Evil monsters being shot by extremely Resident Evil guns. Features operators from the Rainbow Six series with similar tech they have in their games. Game releases on September 16 for PS4/5 and the Xboxes.
    • Rocksmith+ announced. Learn guitar with subscription software service and helpful videos. An early beta is opening up now with pre-registration.
    • We see a return of Rider’s Republic after its delay earlier this year. This sure looks like Steep with wheels! Multiplayer is shown off, as well as just chill exploration on a vehicle. Think Forza Horizon with bikes. The game will release on September 2nd.
    • There’s more Rainbow Six Siege content on the way! New season! New characters! Crossplay will hit consoles in 2022 alongside cross-progression. 
    • A sizzle reel plays of various updates to Ubisoft’s live games, including the aforementioned Ninja Turtles and things like water to Trackmania. For some reason Aiden Pierce is back in Watch Dogs? Were people clamoring for him to return?
    • Just Dance is coming back again, because of course it is. It is the year 2079 and an entire generation only knows Just Dance, the yearly video game that is the only entertainment product left in the world. There’s no food or water, but there is Just Dance. Before that, though, Just Dance 2022 releases on November 4, notably not for the Wii.
    • More Assassin’s Creed Valhalla content in absence of a new Assassin’s Creed game this year. There’s a new expansion with the Siege of Paris, the game’s second major DLC coming this summer. Discovery Tour, a nonviolent tour through the game’s different areas, will launch this Fall. Ubisoft promises more expansions into the game’s second year.
    • The TV show Mythic Quest, an Apple TV+ show with production support from Ubisoft, got a trailer for its already-airing second season just ahead of the finale.
    • The film adaptation of Werewolf Within, Ubisoft’s suspicion-based multiplayer accusation game, gets officially announced with a trailer after being greenlit last year. It launches this summer in theaters and on demand.
    • A new Far Cry 6 trailer airs, this time focusing on story cutscenes. After an initial delay from January of this year, the game will be released on October 7, 2021. The season pass lets you play as previous Far Cry villains like Pagan Min, Vaas, and Joseph Seed in a hellish nightmare world.
    • A remaster of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is also included in the season pass.
    • Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope revealed after being leaked earlier this morning. There’s a Mario Galaxy focus on the aesthetic and story this time. The villain, a dark energy named Cursa, is introduced. The title is targeting a 2022 release.
    • Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, a game based on the blue aliens, announced. There was only a CG trailer.

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This is but one of several showcases happening this week because E3 and Summer Game Fest were planned for the same week, for some reason. But all of our coverage on that is part of Fanbyte’s Hot Game Summer. For more on the news, podcasts, and video coverage we’ve got planned, head over to the Hot Game Summer master post.


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