ICYMI: Everything Shown at Wholesome Direct 2021

Over 70 wholesome games were shown off.

In March, the organizers behind Wholesome Games announced that their flagship showcase would return this summer. The first Wholesome Direct was a surprise hit for the indie community, kicking off the 2020 E3 season with an upbeat presentation that highlighted more than 50 delightful-looking indie games. Earlier today, the team held the second Wholesome Direct showcase, showing off over 70 new and upcoming titles.

If you’re curious about everything that was shown, here’s the full list. We’ve (me, Elise Favis, Collin MacGregor, and Kenneth Shepard) bolded the ones that stood out to our team!

  • Bird Problems, a sitcom narrative game developed by Lithic Entertainment. Release date TBA. Coming to Steam.
  • Recolit, a pixel art mystery adventure game developed by Image Labo where you explore a strange town by following the trails of “light”. Developed by Image Labo. Coming to Steam, TBA.
  • Snacko, developed by Bluecurse Studios and published by Armor Games Studios. 2022 to PC and Nintendo Switch.
  • Alekon, available now on PC. Take photos, slap on cute filters and stickers. Developed by The Alekon Company.
  • A Little To The Left, a game in which you organize the disorganized. Developed by Max Inferno and out on Oct 21, 2021 for Steam. 
  • Ooblets‘ Port Forward 0.8 update is out now. Play a bunch of arcade games on a cute dock. Developed by Glumberland and out now on Xbox and the Epic Games Store. 
  • Spirit Swap, a narrative-driven match3 game with a banger of a lo-fi soundtrack. Developed by Soft Not Weak and coming to Steam in 2022. 
  • Behind The Frame, narrative-driven puzzle game that features a unique painting mechanic. Developed by Silver Lining Studio. Coming soon in 2021 on Steam. 
  • SkateBIRD, an upcoming skateboard video game in which you play as a bird. Coming August 12 over on Steam and Itch.io.
  • Here Comes Niko, a cozy 3D platformer for tired people. Developed by Frog Vibes and coming to PC and Nintendo Switch.
  • Pekoe, a game about a town full of cats, making tea, and connecting with the things that make you happy. Developed by Kitten Cup Studios and coming out in Q3 2021.
  • Lake, developed by Gamious. Set in 1986, play a career woman returning to her hometown to deliver mail in her small hometown for two weeks. Story-driven experience built around interacting with the various NPCs in the town. Coming to PC (Steam) and Xbox. Out on September 1.

  • Yokai Inn, a life-sim game inspired by Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. You run an inn and make friends with spirits and monsters. Coming to PC, mobile, and tentatively Nintendo Switch.
  • Mythic Ocean. Explore the ocean and meet the gods. Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Already out on PC as of January this year. 
  • Kokopa’s Atlas. Venture out into a world full of potential and untold secrets. Developed by Hitcents, coming to PC.
  • Button City, an adorable low poly adventure game about cute animals and an arcade. Developed by Subliminal and coming in Q3 2021 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Letters: A Written Adventure, a game where you’ll help the protagonist use the power of words. Developed by 5am Games and coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch in Q4 2021. 
  • Hot Pot For One, a game about the bitterness of lonely times and the comfort of food that keeps us going. Developed by Rachel Li and Qin Yin. Out today on Steam.
  • Garden Story, developed by Picogram. An action-RPG where you battle against “the Rot” to help rebuild your home. Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2021.
  • Tracks of Thought, an RPG shaped by your own personality in which you’ll find common ground in card-based conversation battles with others. Developed by Tidbits Games. Play the demo on Steam until June 18. Coming to PC and Mac. 
  • Beasts of Maravilla Island. Assume the role of an aspiring photographer armed with her grandfather’s camera to discover and interact with fascinating creatures. Out today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
  • Hoa, a hand-painted puzzle-platforming game developed by Skrollcat Studios. It will be released on August 24 for Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. 
  • We Are OFK, an interactive, episodic narrative about suffering in Los Angeles, music, and friendship, coming spring 2021 to PC, Mac, Linux. 

  • ParaLives, a life simulator coming to PC and Mac. Release date TBA.
  • KeyWe, developed by Stonewheat & Sons, is a puzzle game involving cute birds. Coming on August 31 to PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
  • A Walk With Yiayia. Visual novel/adventure game about taking your grandmother on a walk after she’s lost her confidence. Developed by Trent Garlipp and coming to PC at an unannounced date.
  • Dordogne. Developed by Un Je Ne Sais Quoi. Revisit childhood memories through puzzles and letters. Hand Painted gorgeous and nostalgic adventure. Coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2021.
  • The Gecko Gods. Be a (cute) lizard that solves puzzles on an ancient island.  Developed by Louis Waloschek for PC and is expected sometime in 2022. 
  • TASOMACHI: Behind The Twilight. Developed by Orbital Express and published by Playism. After your airship breaks down, you visit a town for the necessary parts, but the town has gone silent. Coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One in 2021. 
  • Please Be Happy, a visual novel about love and happiness in a pretty anime aesthetic. Developed by Studio Elan. Coming in 2021 for Nintendo Switch, Steam, and itch.io.
  • Witchy Life Story is a narrative farming and sorcery simulator by Sundew Studios. Coming to Steam in 2022.
  • BattleCakes, developed by Volcano Bean, is a cozy turn-based RPG where you create a cupcake hero and forge their path. Your choices and interactions can determine what direction the story goes in. Coming to Xbox and Steam in late 2021.
  • Bear and Breakfast, a laid-back management adventure game where you play as a well-meaning bear. Coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch this year. Developed by Gummy Cat and published by Armor Games Studios.
  • Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist is the sequel to Passpartout: The Starving Artist, which focused on an artist selling their paintings. The sequel’s trailer was mostly just a teaser. Coming to Steam.
  • Sally, a game set on a massive airship where you embark on a flying transport ship to guide passengers to their destination. Developed by Lucid Tales.
  • Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan. Embark on a journey to recolor the island and befriend creatures. Developed by Manavoid Entertainment, coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 
  • Unpacking, a game about moving, boxes and life. Developed by Witch Beam and coming in Q4 2021.

  • Soup Pot, a cooking simulator where you can learn about more than 100 recipes. Developed by Chikon Club and coming in Q3 2021 to Xbox and PC. 
  • Cloud Jumper, a chill game about exploring the sky. Coming soon to Steam. 
  • Teacup, developed by Smarto Club. Help a small and shy frog to find the ingredients she needs for her tea party. Coming in Q3 2021. 
  • Moonglow Bay, developed by Bunnyhug. Make friends around the bay, prepare their favorite meal, and learn more about their lives. Coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. 
  • Pupperazzi, developed by Sundae Month and published by Kitfox Games. Take photos of cute pups around the city. Coming soon to Steam.
  • Luna’s Fishing Garden, a cozy fishing and building game developed by Coldwind Games. Catch fish, trade them in, and create the garden of your dreams. Coming to Steam Jun 16, 2021. 
  • Witchery Academy, a life simulator in which you play as a wizard apprentice, train your magical skills by attending classes, and take care of your garden. Coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch.
  • Amber Isle. Run your own shop and befriend the local prehistoric animal villagers. Craft items, customize your shop and character, and expand the village. Developed by Ambertail Games. Coming to Steam.
  • Woodo, a story about a magical place where time stands still. Coming in 2022 to iOS.
  • Wytchwood, a crafting adventure game set in an expressive land of gothic fables and fairytales. Developed by Alientrap Games and published by Whitethorn Games. Coming to Steam in Q4 2021. 
  • Moonshell Island. A magical action-RPG in which you achieve dreams, build a community and save Moonshell Island from Nomsters. Developed by Cheekynauts Entertainment and coming to Steam. 
  • Frogsong, a ‘heartfelt adventure where it’s okay to be small.’ Talk to other frogs on an adventure that’s coming to PC, Mac, and Linux. On Kickstarter now.
  • Lego Builder’s Journey, a puzzle game where you build a path for a tiny LEGO person to move along. Developed by Light Brick Studio. Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch on June 22. 

  • Clawfish, a fishing claw machine game developed by David Czarnowski. Available on Steam and itch.io.
  • PowerWash Simulator. Powerwash buildings, equipment, vehicles, even a rover on another planet. Out now in early access, developed by FuturLab and published by Square Enix. 
  • Book of Travels, a story in which you can craft a unique character and immerse yourself in the enchanted lands of Braided Shore. Developed by Might and Delight and coming out on Steam in Q3 2021.
  • Toodee and Topdee, a puzzle-platformer developed by dietzribi and coming to Steam.
  • The Garden Path, a gorgeous life simulator developed by carrotcake. Coming out in 2021 for Steam. 
  • Venba, a narrative cooking game where you play as an Indian mom who immigrates to Canada with her family in the 1980s. Developed by Visai Games, coming to Steam.
  • The Outbound Ghost, an adventure game about a ghost figuring out the cause of their own death, developed by Conradical Games. Coming to Kickstarter, aiming for a Steam launch in 2022.
  • The Magnificent Trufflepigs, a first-person, romantic, metal-detecting game developed by Thunkd. Out now on Nintendo Switch and PC. 
  • Fossil Corner, a game in which you can collect fossils and solve puzzles in the calm of your old garage. Developed by Overfull Games, available today on Steam.
  • Dreamland Confectionery. Bake for others, ride colorful creatures, and solve environmental puzzles. Developed by Wondersea Studio and coming to Steam, aiming for a 2023 launch.
  • Freshly Frosted, a conveyor belt puzzle game about frosting baked goods. Developed by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and coming to Steam this year.
  • APICO, a casual sim about breeding and collecting bees. Developed by TNgineers and published by Whitethorn Games. Coming to Steam in 2022.
  • Cat Designer Mocha, developed by Kotoriyama for mobile devices, is coming to the west in 2021. The game features picture matching elements, so you can look at a picture and find the correct place for each item. Once the item is placed, a cute animal quest will arrive.
  • Shashingo, developed by Ryan Pocock. Take photos of items around a town and learn Japanese with photography. Steam release date in the near future.
  • Lonefarm, a first-person farming and driving simulator, developed by Novemtails. Coming in 2021 to Steam. 

  • RoboCo, a wholesome sandbox game where you can build robots out of parts. Developed by Filament Games. Coming soon to Steam.
  • Kotadama Diary, a game in which you can feed characters the right words to make them evolve. Developed by Ske6 and published by Polaris-x. A free-to-play title available now on Android and iOS devices.
  • Co-open, a game about a kid’s first time buying groceries on their own. Developed by lowpolis, available today on itch.io.  
  • Cat Cafe Manager, a business management sim you build and manage your own cat cafe, adopt stray cats, and befriend the locals. Developed by Roost Games and published by Freedom Games for Steam. “Coming soon.”
  • Game Director Story, an unflinching and satirical look behind-the-scenes at how big-budget AAA games are made. Developed by Double Blit Games. Coming 2021. Steam.
  • Princess Farmer, a match3 puzzle and visual novel game by Samobee Games and published by Whitethorn Games. 2021. Coming to Steam and consoles.
  • KreatureKind on PC and mobile, an approachable and wholesome Card Battler/Deck Builder game about helping monsters, rather than killing them, by Valiant Game Studio. According to the game’s website: “Available 2021, probably!” 
  • Seasonspree, a wholesome time-nudging game where you play as Sunny, an adorable little tanuki walking around a tiny planet full of other animals. Developed by Kitewing Studio and coming to Steam. Summer 2021.
  • Fire Tonight, narrative puzzle game about two people trying to find their way back together in a city on fire. By Reptoid Games and published by Way Down Deep. Coming to Steam August 12, 2021.
  • Floppy Knights, a deck-​building, sword-swinging, tactical adventure by Rose City Games. Coming to Steam. 2021. You can sign up for the beta.
  • Loddlenaut, an aquatic creature-raising survival game by Moon Lagoon, where you can play as an interstellar custodian sent to clean a polluted ocean planet. It is now on Kickstarter, with goals to put the game on PC and Mac, and a hope to bring it to Switch later.

You can watch the whole Wholesome Direct here:

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