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ICYMI: Everything at Today's EA Play

Electronic Arts' summer show had a few new announcements and updates.

Announced months ago at this point, Electronic Arts has decided to hold their once-E3 adjacent show a month later in the doldrums of July. This year’s EA Play had a number of new announcements and updates on announced games.

If you didn’t have the time to watch the show or simply forgot it was happening, we have the full rundown of everything you missed.

  • EA brags a little bit about their most recent acquisition, Codemasters. The racing-game developer has been around for three decades and is most known in modern contexts for games like Grid, Dirt, and Onrush.
  • In that vein, EA reveals their newest title with Codemasters, Grid Legends.
  • Apex Legends unveils Emergence, the new content for season 10. Check out the full details here.
  • Battlefield Portal is revealed. The website acts as a way to mix and match Battlefield content from 1942, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 using 2042 as its base. Players can build and share custom game modes and use the six maps (two from each game) with rebuilt assets to essentially create custom servers.
  • A new EA Original, the initiative behind games like Sea of Solitude and It Takes Two, named Lost in Random is shown once again. This time, combat is shown, which is heavily based on literal dice rolls that create their own powers and effects.
  • Surprising breakout success Knockout City debuts its second season contents, which are movie-themed with a tone of the golden age of Hollywood. This new season begins on July 27.
  • The long-rumored Dead Space reboot is revealed. The trailer features a creepy version of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, a callback to the 2007 original trailer.

What did you think of EA’s 2021 show? Did the publisher deliver or were there some missing projects (like Star Wars games) you felt would have really added to the show?

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