I Want to Marry Everyone in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

The bachelorettes and bachelors have been fully revealed, and they're all cute as heck.

The trailers introducing all the bachelors and bachelorettes of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town were released earlier this week, and my one thought is this: I would like to marry every cute person in these videos. And all of them are cute. So, I would like to marry all of them.

This would prove to be a difficult task for me, as altogether there are 10 marriage candidates in the newest installment of Story of Seasons. I have my preferences, though. Let’s go over this game’s romanceable characters, starting with the bachelors:

  • Damon: A coffee-loving motorcyclist who loves to secretly help out at the animal shop. He’s a bit of a misfit, but he’s reliable. He likes to collect jewels to craft accessories with. He can be seen gazing at the night sky every evening, for he loves all legends surrounding the stars. He’s the “silent, broody boy with the soft interior” trope that I should be tired of at the age of 24, but am absolutely not. Out of the bachelors, I’m most drawn to him.
  • Ralph: A dashing man with a rugged side. A ranger who guides others through the forest and observes local wildlife, he’s a natural leader. He used to play football for a school team, so he makes sure to stay in shape. As a result, he enjoys simple meals like bread and soup. In other words: he might just be a himbo.
  • Emilio: A generous and sociable guy, which is especially impressive since he apparently wakes up early every day. He apparently also has a deep connection to the ocean so you’ll often find him fishing. He loves the lush and untouched nature surrounding Olive Town and can never get enough seafood in his life. I’m not big on seafood, so although he’s very cute, maybe we aren’t too compatible.
  • Iori: A dignified bachelor from a far-off country in the East. He lives with his retainer and finds joy in nature’s smallest blessings. His favorite season is autumn (same) because of its matsutake mushrooms (I prefer it for the crunchy leaves, but sure).
  • Jack: A laid-back dude who helps at the general store in the evenings. He’s passionate about Olive Town and intends to make it a better place. He looks pretty similar to Rock from Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.

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The bachelorettes are:

  • Reina: Her name means “queen” in Spanish, which makes sense because she is already the queen of my heart. She met Gloria, the owner of the Olive Museum (there’s a museum now!) when she was a student. Her knowledge of ancient items and love for archeology made Gloria invite her to work at the museum. She loves appraising treasures to the point that she’ll lose track of time. She is a treasure herself, and my favorite candidate of them all.
  • Blaire: You’ll find this cutie at the local bistro, waiting tables while dreaming of making it big in the city as an actress. She’s always up to date on the latest fashion trends. Her hobby is to collect jewels, and, clearly, curl her voluminous hair.
  • Laura: Olive Town’s tour guide who loves the ocean, which matches her eyes. She’s been fond of the ocean since her youngest days in the city. She helps her dad out at the grocery store when she’s able to. In her spare time, she enjoys catching fish — and will never say no to big fish or olives, for that matter. She’s a cheery hard worker after my own heart.
  • Linh: A wholesome girl with a kind heart. She enjoys gardening and knows a lot about herbal medicine as a result. She dedicates her days to helping her grandfather out at his shop. As a hobby, she loves to read and can be found pressing flowers to use them as bookmarks. She loves (and surely relates to) the subtle sweetness of mangoes. Basically, she must be protected.
  • Bridget: A kind young woman who tends to be a bit clumsy. However, she’s extremely talented at befriending any animal she meets. She cares for her family and considers animals from the local forest as her dear friends. Finally, she likes to sip on fresh, delicious milk. You can’t go wrong with a girl who likes milk. Also, her haircut is so cute.

These days, Story of Seasons, which used to be widely known as Harvest Moon in North America — what is currently officially Harvest Moon is not the same series — is much more inclusive than it was when I first played it during my childhood.

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, the 2020 remake of the 2003 titles Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends Of Mineral Town, allowed players to have same-sex marriage. In the Japanese version of the game, this is known as the “Best Friends” system, which lets you form a lifelong partnership with a character of the same sex. It’s basically a marriage in everything but name. It’s just gals bein’ pals. Dudes bein’ dudes. Partners bein’ pal-ners.

But, in the western localization, there are no pretenses — it’s just marriage. The producer of the series was supportive of the decision since early in the game’s development. That tradition seems to gratefully be the norm going forward, as Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town will also have the “Best Friends” system. Reddit user jpdt_ligiiihh translated a page on the game’s Japanese site, which confirms the return of the system. It’s safe to assume it’ll simply be marriage in the localization this time around, too.

So, in short: these wonderful and cute romanceable characters are available to all of us. Bless.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town will be out on March 23 for the Nintendo Switch.