I Found Out There Was an Arms Graphic Novel Just in Time for It To Be Cancelled

The author says as much on his website.

So, there was a graphic novel in the works based on Nintendo’s cult fighting game Arms. Which surprisingly went under the radar for me. Not that I was a huge supporter of the game, but I just generally think myself more aware of games that have external media than most people. Plus it was coming from Dark Horse, which has done a fair amount of these video game print adaptations. Such as the Mass Effect and Dragon Age comic books.

Well, it appears the graphic novel has been quietly shut down. According to the book’s author Ian Flynn’s author page, which now reads that the adaptation was “unfortunately canceled.” Flynn wrote an introductory chapter for the planned novel as part of 2018’s Free Comic Book Day, but it looks like the full thing will never see the light of day. Flynn was asked about the situation by a fan on Twitter, to which he said he shouldn’t respond with anything official.

In other news:

Whatever the situation was, it’s a shame. Arms certainly isn’t one of Nintendo’s bigger franchises, so its fans were likely looking forward to any supplemental content for the 2017 fighter. The game saw an uptick in interest last year when Min Min, a playable fighter in Arms, was added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Though it would’ve been great to see Twintelle added as the game still lacks even one playable black character, Min Min did bring a pretty interesting, social distance-friendly fighting style to Ultimate.

If nothing else, Min Min’s inclusion likely brought Arms to another audience’s attention, as it largely went under the radar for a lot of people. It was an early Switch game, coming out only a few months after the console/handheld hybrid launched in 2017. So a character being featured in a game as big as Smash Bros. was probably at least a short term shot in the…arm…for Arms.