I Don’t Know What to Call Chorus/Chorvs For SEO Optimization, But it Has a Release Date

Get ready to fly through space this December.

The game introduced as Chorus but spelled like Chorvs in much of its promotional material has a release date, and the space combat game will come to PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on December 3.

Alongside the announcement, developer Deep Silver Fishlabs released an extended trailer for Chorus, giving you a guided tour through the game’s space battles, intergalactic travel, maze-like puzzles, and ship customization. You can check that out below:

In other news:

Well, now I’ve told you all the news, now I’ve gotta do some SEO optimization so people searching for the news can actually find it, and I’m not sure whether I should call the game Chorus as it’s spoken, or Chorvs as it’s literally always written out in trailers and such. The funny thing is, simply searching “Chorus” on Google will bring up some news alongside every other use of the word Chorus, but searching “Chorvs” will bring you exclusively news about the game, and isn’t registered as any kind of spelling error despite nearly every result spelling the game like “Chorus.”

Just what was Deep Silver Fishlabs trying to do with this weird stylization of the game’s title? Is it a reference to something in the game we don’t yet know? Is the team a big fan of the band CHVRCHES who did the same thing? Perhaps it doesn’t matter because search engines like Google got the message. But it does make me wonder, as a writer beholden to the SEO gods, what sick keywords are going to put this news where people can see it? Perhaps I’ll use both. If you’re here, perhaps it worked? Why not stick around? We have a lot of excellent written, video, and podcast content for your consumption.


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