I Did Not Care About Vinyls Until a Paradise Killer Vinyl Was Announced

The money I could sink into this sounds like hell, but listening to this soundtrack is paradise.

I’ve watched as many of my close friends have succumbed to the temptation of vinyl records over the last few years. I don’t think most of them would consider themselves audiophiles, but they love collecting vinyl records of their favorite video game soundtracks. I’ve managed to resist getting into them, but I might be in danger now that the utterly incredible Paradise Killer soundtrack has been announced for vinyl. Suddenly, I’m looking at vinyl records online and asking my friends for advice.

Black Screen Records announced on Oct. 23 that the indie game will be getting its own vinyl release early next year. The listing, which indicates a planned release in February 2021, says:

Black Screen Records and Kaizen Game Works have teamed up to release Barry “Epoch” Topping’s vibrant funky city pop/vaporwave soundtrack to the open world adventure game Paradise Killer on limited edition vinyl early next year. Barry’s incredible soundtrack will be available on 180g transparent curacao & pink double vinyl and comes in a beautiful 80s anime & city pop-inspired artwork by Mizucat with additional art and layout by Kaizen Game Works, Barry Topping and Dane Baudoin and includes a free Dead Nebula enamel pin, an A2 Crimson Acid poster and a Bandcamp code for the digital album.

The sounds of Paradise. The music of a cosmic dream. Tunes from another reality. The tempo of the crime to end all crimes. The beat of long dead alien gods. The playlist of the investigation freak. Let the music take you away to Paradise. Feel the sun scorching your skin. Smell unbearably hot concrete. Savour the sweet taste of crime committed on a tropical island in another reality. Remember when we danced along the beach? Along the streets of Paradise? You made me this mix tape on the roof of your apartment block. We stared at the moon. You said you’d kill the moon. I didn’t believe you. I was wrong.

The entire soundtrack is written, produced, and recorded by Barry “Epoch” Topping, featuring additional voices by Fiona Lynch, saxophone by Fabian Hernandez, and guitar by Thomas Temple. The gorgeous original artwork is done by Mizucat, with additional art (such as the game sprites) done by character designer Curran “Gigalithic” Gregory and Paradise Killer creative director Oli Clarke Smith. The transparent curacao and pink vinyl records look exquisite, giving me the bisexual vibes this game is filled to the brim with. And, speaking of bisexuality, that this comes with a poster of Crimson Acid is truly just chef’s kiss material.

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I don’t think I can accurately convey how impeccable the soundtrack of Paradise Killer is. Just listen to its main theme song, Paradise (Stay Forever) — and that’s only a taste of an album without a single lackluster track. In my review of the game, which is in my top three games of the year, I compared it to soundtracks like NieR: AutomataPersona 5Undertale, and Final Fantasy XIV, calling it the funky, jazzy, and playful city pop album of my dreams. I made an account on Bandcamp just to buy it.

As of earlier this month, the Paradise Killer soundtrack can also be streamed on Spotify, which is where I usually listen to my music. But, even if it was available to stream on there since the start, I would’ve made sure to buy it. It’s one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. I love to listen to it when I’m trying to concentrate on work or a school assignment just as much as when I need some music to give me energy and make me want to dance. Considering there are pieces (love letters) dedicated specifically to this game’s soundtrack, and that it’s unlikely you’ll find a single review that doesn’t mention how perfect it is, I know I’m not alone in these feelings. These feelings of wanting to buy a whole dang vinyl record player just to have the Paradise Killer vinyl.

Paradise Killer is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch. While fans in the UK can order the vinyl through Black Screen Records, North American fans can save on shipping by pre-ordering it here.