Hunters and Titans, Run the Legendary Lost Sector in Destiny 2 Today

Get your hands on some new Exotic Arms pieces from Season of the Haunted

For a while now, Destiny 2‘s main way of doling out new Exotic armor pieces has been through Legendary Lost Sectors, giving a chance for players to obtain them if they complete these activities solo. Today’s featured Lost Sector is The Conflux on Nessus, which was actually added to the rotation in season and has the potential to reward Exotic Arm gear. As it turns out, both Hunters and Titans got new Exotic arms pieces in Season of the Haunted, so if you haven’t already snagged Caliban’s Hand or Second Chance, today’s a great time to do that.

The Conflux has a Solar Burn modifier, increasing all Solar damage. There’s Match Game, too, which is pretty standard for Legendary Lost Sectors. You’ll face Barrier and Unstoppable Champions, as well as extra shields and grenades on enemies — and don’t forget that Legendary Lost Sectors lock your loadouts when you enter them. Since there are Anti-Barrier Champs on the field, the Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle Arbalest is going to be a great asset to you here. Then, you’ll want a Scout Rifle or a Glaive for stunning Unstoppable Champions — though probably a Scout Rifle, unless you’re comfortable with the ammo economy of running dual Specials. Ideally, you’ll want a Void Scout Rifle to deal with all of the Void shields here, but you could also run a Void LMG to pop those if that’s easier for you.

As for the Exotics themselves, Second Chance gives Titans two charges of Shield Throw and allows their Shield Throw ability to stun Barrier Champions. Is it worth it? Well, it frees you up from having to run Arbalest when Barrier Champions are around, but unfortunately a single throw won’t completely pop a Barrier Champion’s shield on Master difficulty Nightfalls and above. Caliban’s Hand, meanwhile, enhances the Hunter Proximity Knife, granting it the ability to Scorch targets when it explodes and Ignite them on a direct hit. You also gain increased melee energy regeneration after throwing the knife and until it explodes.

If you miss grabbing the new Exotics today, don’t worry — they come back around every four days. The next opportunity you’ll have to grab them will be on June 12, when the Legendary Lost Sector will be Excavation Site XII in the EDZ. As for Warlocks, if you want to get your hands on feet in the new Rain of Fire Exotic Leg Armor, hop into Extraction on Savathun’s Throne World on the 11th.

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