Honkai Impact 3rd Is on PC Now, If You’re Into That

You know, if you wanna.

Honkai Impact 3rd, which is a mobile gacha game that can be (somewhat unfairly) summed up as “Simplified Bayonetta but With an Incomprehensible High-Anime Plot™,” is now officially available on Windows 10. Previously, players that wanted to play the game on PC had to download the game’s APK and run it on an Android emulator, and that’s a lot more hassle than most people are willing to go through to play a phone game on their computer.

No one at Fanbyte has spent hundreds of hours playing Honkai Impact 3rd on iOS, especially not the person writing this very article, so there’s no one available to say that the PC version runs okay as compared to the real game on an iPhone 11, with gameplay sequences working great while menus are somehow a bit sluggish. The author of this piece can’t weigh in personally and say that unfortunately, a lot of said menus require the user to move a cursor and “tap” on icons, since everything was originally designed for a touch interface.

Weirdly though, the Windows 10 version of Honkai Impact 3rd does offer full, native Dual Shock 4 support, without the use of DS4Windows or other XInput masking programs. And even better, playing with a controller feels crisp, responsive, and not at all tacked on or secondary to the mobile version’s touch controls. Not that I would know anything about that.

If my your HK3 login of choice is linked to a Mihoyo account, you can log into the PC version and access the same save as on your phone, since all of that stuff lives on a server somewhere anyway. (If your account isn’t linked, my understanding is that you can link up by tapping the “Account” option in that menu where you edit your profile and access achievements and stuff.)

Since this is just the phone version running on a computer in some kind of wrapper, PC players have access to everything that mobile users do, and there’s even crossplay between the two platforms. This leads me to believe that Mihoyo intends to keep the PC version at parity with the Android and iOS progs, but I wasn’t able to find anything on the game’s official website that promises that. Stands to reason though, right?

If that trailer up there makes Honkai Impact 3rd look like something you might be into, the game is free as Hell and in literally hundreds of hours with the phone version, not once has anyone who doesn’t work at Fanbyte felt the need to spend real money on it to make progress or access content. There are, admittedly, several hundred thousand systems at play in HK3, with a dozen different shops and twice as many currencies, countless different single-player and co-op modes, and cute little slice-of-life diversions like the Dorm system, where chibi versions of your Valkyries all live together and you can arrange their furniture and stuff. Mercifully, you don’t really have to interface with that stuff to enjoy the game’s combat levels, which make up most of HK3. At least that’s what my girlfriend said. She lives in Canada, you don’t know her.

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