Hold Your Nose and Grind Gambit This Week in Destiny 2

Gambit reputation is doubled this week in Destiny 2, so get out there and bank those motes

Gambit is few players’ favorite playlist in Destiny 2 — the mode has been plagued with balance issues since its inception, and remains an uneven experience. Still, various rewards are tied to the activity, and if you want them then you’ll have to dive in at least a little each season. This week, Gambit reputation gains are doubled, so there’s no better time to burn through your quota of the Drifter’s twisted little game. Here’s everything you might be interested in getting from the Drifter so that you can figure out exactly how much Gambit you need to play.

Destiny 2 Gambit Rewards — Season of the Haunted

Playing Gambit will get you various weapon and armor drops. None of these are particularly exciting except for the hand cannon Bottom Dollar, but you can at least get Gambit Engrams from playing the activity that you can then focus into rolls of your desired drop. Leveling up your Gambit reputation will also unlock various rewards. The main ones of interest (i.e. unique items that aren’t just consumables are:

  • Gambit Nephrite Shader — Rank 7
  • Mote Bank Projection — Rank 13
  • Chain of Command Seasonal Weapon — Rank 16
  • Chain of Command Insubordination Ornament — Rank 16 (after first reset)

You’re likely to get Chain of Command from Vanguard or Crucible playlists much sooner than Gambit, so unless you really want that Insubordination Ornament or you’re going for Gambit rank resets, then I’d say you could probably just stop once you have the shader.

Gambit Seasonal Challenges — Season of the Haunted

But there’s another reason to play Gambit in Destiny 2 – Seasonal Challenges. These require you to complete various tasks in the activity, and don’t necessarily have to be done during a double reputation week, though it’s nice to have the extra ranks. Here’s every Gambit-related Seasonal Challenge:

  • Dredgin’ Up Victory (Week 1) — Complete Gambit matches, bonus progress for wins.
  • Bank, Kill, Repeat (Week 2) — Earn points by banking Motes, defeating Blockers, and defeating Guardians in Gambit.
  • Primeval Entourage (Week 3) — Defeat Taken in Gambit. Earn bonus progress for defeating tougher combatants.
  • High-Value Hunter (Week 4) — Defeat powerful combatants in Gambit. Earn bonus progress for defeating high-value targets.
  • Beam Cannon (Week 7) — Defeat targets with Trace Rifles and Shotguns in Gambit. Bonus progress for defeated Guardians.
  • Gambit Ornament (Week 8) — Acquire the Gambit ornament for Chain of Command.
  • Solar Gambit (Week 9) — Defeat targets with Solar effects. Bonus progress for defeating Guardians.

Recall that Destiny 2 allows you to miss four of the 76 Seasonal Challenges and still claim the Large Pile of Bright Dust at the end of the season. If you’re interested in getting the Bright Dust, I recommend trying to burn through the week 1-4 challenges this week, while double Gambit reputation is active. After that, you can ignore the week 7, 8, and 9 ones and still miss one additional challenge — I imagine for most people, that would be the Trials of Osiris or Grandmaster one.

(Note that unless a Seasonal Challenge uses the phrasing “throughout the Season of the Haunted,” it isn’t retroactive. That means that even if you’ve defeated enough powerful combatants in Gambit in the first three weeks of the season to complete the week four challenge, you’ll still have to do the whole thing when the challenge actually drops.)

Good luck out there. Try to get a group of friends together, bring your Gjallarhorn, and remember — there’s no crying in Gambit. Transmat firing!

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