Here’s What You Missed at the Dragon Quest Anniversary Stream

Dragon Quest XII was there, alongside some surprising new announcements.

Today, Square Enix held a Dragon Quest livestream for the venerated series’ 35th anniversary. For the first time in the series’ history, the stream was simulcast in English, with two translators who switched off at the halfway point live-translating and dubbing the stream.

At the outset, series producer Yuji Horii was introduced and showed off some Slime clothing that was only available in Japan. Cruel. Horii also mentioned that they had six games to reveal, so here’s what you missed from the stream tonight.

  • First is a Dragon Quest match-three mobile game from NNH Play-Art called Dragon Quest Keshikeshi. Players defeat monsters by matching Dragon Quest iconography like characters, items, and monsters. Unlike a lot of announcements today, they specified that this game will eventually launch overseas.
  • Dragon Quest X’s 10th anniversary in Japan is approaching with what they’re calling Version 6 coming this fall. The new expansion is the climax of the game’s story so far. They specifically say there are no plans for a worldwide release at all, which raises a lot of questions about why this part was subtitled in English.
  • Dragon Quest X offline, an offline version of the MMORPG was revealed with an isometric camera angle and chibi characters. It tells the storyline of DQX without having to play a MMORPG with others. They are aiming for 2022, but did not say anything about a worldwide release or what platforms it was on.
  • Dragon Quest 3 Remake was revealed in the same style as Square Enix’s literally patented HD-2D games like Project Triangle Strategy and Octopath Traveler. No platforms announced, but it is coming to home consoles. Simultaneous worldwide release whenever it does release.
  • Horii also let slip that they want to remake Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest II the same way.  He insisted that those projects have not been greenlit yet, however.
  • Dragon Quest Treasures revealed as 3D puzzle platformer starring Dragon Quest XI’s Erik and his sister Mia. Described as an RPG, but “not at all.” Worldwide simultaneous release at an unnamed date for unnamed platforms.
  • Dragon Quest XII finally announced with simply a logo and the title The Flames of Fate. Horii says that XII is being made as “Dragon Quest for adults,” with the game focusing on answering what the purpose of life is for the characters. Horii said there would be big changes for the series, such as adjusting (but not getting rid of) the traditional command battle systems and bringing in the idea of choices for the narrative. No platforms or release date announced, but did mention a simultaneous worldwide release.