Here’s How Backwards Compatible Games Will Use Xbox Series X’s Superior Tech

Some games are about to run more smoothly than ever before.

Microsoft has already said that previous Xbox games, from the original Xbox’s catalog to current Xbox One games, will be playable on the Xbox Series X. But today, the company explained how the Xbox Series X will be giving games a modern upgrade through use of the console’s new tech.

In a post on the Xbox Wire, Director of Program Management for Xbox Series X Jason Ronald laid out how old games will now run smoother and look better on the console when it launches this holiday season. From a performance standpoint, games should run with frame rates both higher and more consistent than when they launched on older platforms. This means that games that had issues running on an Xbox 360 should be notably smoother on the Xbox Series X, and will also be capable of running at higher frame rates in general, between 30, 60, or 120 frames per second. Ronald says this will be the case for “select” titles, as Microsoft’s Series X team is making the appropriate changes on a case-by-case basis.

Along with frame rate improvements, the Xbox Series X will be able to upscale these games to 4K resolution, as well as add HDR to older games that came out before the feature was even a thing that existed.

“In partnership with the Xbox Advanced Technology Group, Xbox Series X delivers a new, innovative HDR reconstruction technique which enables the platform to automatically add HDR support to games,” Ronald said.
“As this technique is handled by the platform itself, it allows us to enable HDR with zero impact to the game’s performance and we can also apply it to Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles developed almost 20 years ago, well before the existence of HDR.”

As previously revealed, the Xbox Series X will be upgrading the Xbox One’s Quick Resume feature to support playing up to four games at once, and Microsoft also confirmed this will apply to backwards compatible games, meaning you could feasibly switch between four generations of Xbox games at will.

In other news:

If you’re going to be a little late to the next-gen party, Microsoft is also implementing a feature called Smart Delivery that will allow you to buy Xbox One games and then upgrade to the the Xbox Series X version with no additional cost whenever you do get around to upgrading. While this will be the standard for Xbox Game Studios games, it seems that third-party developers will be able to opt in or out depending on how they’re feeling that day.

While the launch of the Xbox Series X is presumably still around five months away, Microsoft has said that it will be holding monthly presentations on the system and its games between now and the eventual release date. Earlier this month, the company showed off multiple third-party games running on the device, but will be holding a similar presentation for first-party Xbox Game Studios projects in July.


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