Here’s Everything You Missed From the Xbox 20th Anniversary Stream

It's Halo's birthday!

It has been two decades since the Xbox launched in North America with the original console with its giant controller and crazy ideas about network connection and internal harddrives. Now, Microsoft has held an anniversary stream celebrating those 20 years with a few new announcements and updates on their games.

  • Robbie Bach, former Xbox executive that retired ten years ago, talks about the Xbox candidly, saying it started as a business venture and even offhandedly mentions the lack of faith from inside Microsoft.
  • A six-part documentary titled Power On: The Story of Xbox is given a trailer, releasing on multiple streaming services on December 13. Documentarians partnered with Xbox for a full story about the internal creation of the console including at least up through the story of the Red Ring.
  • Phil Spencer is wearing a Halo: Infinite t-shirt. That game’s ALREADY ANNOUNCED, PHIL. JEEZ.
  • Over 70 backwards compatible games are coming to Xbox, including the entire Max Payne and FEAR series. All original Xbox titles and some 360 games will get frame boosts and Auto-HDR.
  • This became a weird advertisement for Netflix movie Red Notice, which is how I assume they got Dwayne Johnson to come record a segment in front of a green screen. Payola!
  • We get our first look at the Halo live action series, coming to Paramount+.
  • Halo Infinite talk, culminating in a symphony playing Halo music set to footage throughout the series.
  • Video game publishers do this live instrumentation thing a lot and I always feel like they should make them dress up like characters from the game.
  • Halo Infinite multiplayer is out today, as rumored, for Halo‘s 20th anniversary. You can download and start playing right now.
  • Oh that’s it. Still, neat.
  • Where’s Blinx 3. Or 2. I don’t know if there’s a 2.

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