Halo Infinite’s Campaign Resurfaces After a Year in Hiding

Hello again, Chief.

Much of Microsoft and 343 Industries’ marketing for Halo Infinite following its delay from Xbox Series X/S launch title into December 8 has been focusing on the game’s multiplayer mode. The last time we saw Master Chief’s next romp was in July of 2020, and with the game just under two months away, the window was rapidly closing for 343 to show Infinite’s story. The company finally did this morning with a Campaign Overview trailer that showed more of Master Chief doing Master Chief things, but also showcased a few things that make Infinite demonstrably different from its predecessors.

Some notable features include new skill trees that allow you to upgrade different aspects of Master Chief’s kit, such as his grappleshot, shields, and thrusters. A few of those will be more helpful than others navigating Halo Infinite’s more open areas, which is another new pillar of the game that differentiates it from previous entries in the series.

Check out the full trailer below:

In other news:

Halo Infinite’s just a month and change away at this point, but the game has had a bit of a bumpy road getting here following its delay from last year’s Xbox Series X/S launch. Even with the delay, the game won’t be launching with some of the series’ mainstays, such as co-op play in its campaign and the Forge creative suite. While the campaign and multiplayer modes will be launching together (except for co-op, as previously stated), there was a brief window where Microsoft and 343 were having discussions about launching the game in pieces so there could be something Halo around for the Xbox Series X/S launch. Ultimately, the decision was made to keep the full package together.


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