Oh Yes, I Will Lose Hundreds of Hours to Halo Infinite Multiplayer


When it comes to FPS multiplayer there are fewer names as influential as Halo. Whether it was chaotic capture the flag matches on Blood Gultch or intense skull-bashing battles on Guardian, this series has always managed to craft engaging online experiences. Yet, with the FPS genre rapidly changing over the years, some have wondered what the next installment, Halo Infinite, would offer its massive player base. While we got a brief look at the free multiplayer during the Microsoft and Bethesda E3 conference, developer 343 Industries decided to delve deeper into Halo Infinite’s mechanics, customization, and training options.

So if you missed the stream, here’s a recap of what’s coming to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer:

Described as “a celebration of previous Halo as well as an iteration of where Halo can go next,” 343 Industries are clearly still focused on capturing the same elements of what made this game’s multiplayer so special. Weapons will still need to picked up from pre-determined locations and specialized powers called “Equipment” make their return. The catch is, unlike games like Halo Reach, players will need to manually search for these abilities on the map. So if you want to rock that awesome grappling hook we keep seeing, you’ll need to actually find it somewhere in the level first. Power-ups like Overshield and Active Camo will no longer trigger when you initially snag them, instead, you can manually activate this power-up whenever you want. However, if you die without activating the power-up then it will drop to the ground.

Vehicles also received some pretty substantial changes, such as damage actually impacting their overall performance. Different parts can be destroyed such as the wheel of a Warthog, which makes driving far more difficult. Additionally, vehicles that catch fire will now enter a “doomsday” state which means that they will explode after a few seconds regardless if you’re taking damage or not. 343 Industries also unveiled a new ride called the Razorback which boasts a storage compartment where you can put weapons, mount turrets, or even put objective items like flags on it. You also won’t need to wait around in the spawn for vehicles to spawn, as each team in the Big Team Battle mode will have them delivered across the battlefield via Pelican dropships.

Halo Infinite will also introduce something called Player A.I., which is a literal voice in your Spartan’s head relaying key battlefield information like if an objective is stolen. Where things get interesting is players can pick which A.I. they want, each of which boasts their own voice and distinct personality. Spartan customization unsurprisingly returns, with the kneepads, gloves, armor, shoulders, helmet, visor, effects, emblems, and color all available to change. Both weapons and vehicles will also have a wealth of cosmetic options, none of which will impact their actual performance in-game. There are no random loot or loot boxes, so you won’t need to worry about certain pieces of gear being locked behind RNG.

Making its return after seeing success in the Master Chief Collection is the Halo Battle Pass. One big change is battle passes will not expire when a season ends. Instead, players can choose which season’s battle pass they wish to make progress towards until it’s completed. Any item tied to the battle pass cannot be purchased or obtained by other means, with most of the gear in Halo Infinite becoming available through playing the game. Each season will have a theme and specific set of armor like the Samurai gear that was revealed yesterday. Cross-progression is also confirmed for Halo Infinite.

343 Industries is introducing a tutorial and training mode called The Academy. This will not only serve as an entry point for new players but offer an area for players to train their skills against A.I. opponents. Halo’s map customization tool Forge was also mentioned, but unfortunately, no details were revealed during this stream. Halo Infinite is set to release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC this holiday season.


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