Halo Infinite’s Co-Op Campaign Launches in May at Earliest, Forge Later

You'll have to play solo for a bit longer.

Halo Infinite is out soon, launching on December 8 with a singleplayer campaign. The co-op version of that story won’t arrive at the same time, and 343 Industries says you’ll have to wait until May, at the earliest, to play with a friend.

The studio already confirmed once before that the co-op version of its campaign wouldn’t be available at launch, noting you can’t play as Master Chief and a buddy until Season 2. Head of creative at 343 Industries Joseph Staten has since clarified that timeline, telling Eurogamer in an interview that Halo Infinite’s Season 1 extension means Season 2 falls in May, and that’s when they expect campaign co-op to arrive. Maybe.

Forge comes a bit later now, too. Since the level editing mode is planned for Season 3, you’ll have to wait a while longer than the original six-month plan to dive in. The wait for both may be a bit of a bummer, but Microsoft and 343 just surprise launched Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, so you can start playing now. If you’re curious about Fanbyte’s own impressions, multiplayer has a grappling hook—it rules.

Delays can be a bit deflating, but it’s understandable in going on two years now of COVID-19 related obstacles as developers try to figure out how to collaborate safely on these big projects. It’s not like we’re really starving for things to play right now, either. You can keep yourself busy today with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, or wait a little longer for something that scratches the online itch for next month, and play Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. Either way, you’ve got plenty between now and May to keep you busy while waiting to play Infinite as a squad.


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