Hallelujah, We Can Turn Off the PlayStation 5 Screenshot Notification

Go ham on the screenshot button.

We are nearing the end of the PlayStation 5’s first year, and it is now getting a feature I wish it had when I took mine out of the box last November: the ability to turn off the notification that pops up when you take a screenshot.

The change comes as part of the system’s latest firmware update, and it’s genuinely one of the biggest updates the system needed, in my opinion. Because friends, as a person who is often taking screenshots for work, one of the greatest banes of my existences since the introduction of screenshot buttons on consoles has been Sony’s inclusion of a little notification that confirms the image has been saved onto your PlayStation. Not because that isn’t useful information to have, but because unlike, say, the Switch, the icon is picked up in any following screenshot should it still be on the screen. The Switch has its own notification system, but the screenshots you take while it lingers aren’t covered up. This means you don’t have to wait for what feels like an eternity for the notification to go away, missing all the excellent shots that followed the last one you saw.

The option to hide the notification is in the system’s Captures and Broadcast settings under the Shortcuts for Create Button section. At the very bottom, it now allows you to toggle the Display Save Confirmation for Screenshots on and off, letting you finally go ham on the screenshot button without worrying about whether or not the notification will be in the corner of the image that follows.

In other news:

This would have been nice to have had from the outset, but I’m glad it’s here now. I didn’t realize the PlayStation 4 had a similar toggle until the very tail end of the system’s lifetime, so that meant seven years of the notification getting in the way of my (constant) screenshotting until someone clued me into how to turn it off last year.