Gunsmith Vendor Changes Are Coming to Destiny 2

Banshee's going to be a little easier to work with moving forward.

A while back, Destiny 2 reworked Banshee-44 to be in line with the revised Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit vendors. That means that Guardians gain reputation from completing bounties from the gunsmith, as well as by dismantling Legendary or Exotic gear. Since Banshee hasn’t been tied to any actual activity, however, progression with him has typically been a lot slower than with those other vendors.

That’s going to change next season, according to yesterday’s TWAB post. Economy Feature Lead Joshua Kulinski explained the changes to the Tower’s forgetful gunsmith, and while they aren’t major, they should make things a little easier for Guardians looking to level up with Banshee.

The first major change is that daily Destiny 2 Gunsmith bounties are now going to grant 50 reputation with Banshee, rather than the current 25. That means that Banshee’s bounties are going to be twice as impactful with regards to leveling up with him. The second change is that reputation gained from Legendary and Exotic weapons is increasing from 3 to 5. Not quite the same 2x boost, but it should still make a considerable impact.

Maybe it’s just because I haven’t bothered with Gunsmith bounties since I hit the Pinnacle cap, but I’ve yet to reset my rank with Banshee this season — and I’ve reset my Vanguard and Crucible ranks multiple times. Hopefully these changes will make hitting that reset easier. Maybe Bungie could even throw in some double Gunsmith reputation weeks in Destiny 2, similar to the ones that boost playlist activities.

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