Google Stadia Reportedly Canceled a Kojima Productions Episodic Horror Game

And much more.

At the beginning of the month, Google confirmed it’s shutting down internal game development. The studios it built to develop games for Stadia, its video game streaming service, would have their projects canceled. One of those canceled projects, according to a report by VGC, was as an episodic horror game from Kojima Productions.

“Sources indicated that the Japanese studio was keen to innovate in the cloud gaming space, but the deal was ultimately blocked by Stadia GM [General Manager] Phil Harrison last year,” states the report. Last year, Hideo Kojima had said in an interview with Livedoor that his next game was still in its early planning stages. He also mentioned having a “major project” canceled. “I’m pretty pissed, but that’s the games industry for you,” he said.

At the time, sources had told VGC that Kojima Productions had opened early discussions about making a project for Google Stadia. Stadia’s head of games, Jade Raymond, visited the studio in 2019. Whether those discussions resulted in anything significant was uncertain then.

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Stadia has had numerous ongoing third-party licensing agreements. Among them is an original title developed by Harmonix that some sources say is “virtually complete.” However, it’s said that the complications around music licensing for Stadia’s Pro service have caused significant problems for the project. In a statement to VGC, Harmonix CEO Steve Janiak denied the unannounced Stadia game had been canceled, as well as that there were issues related to music licensing. He did say the company would release the title for other platforms if necessary.

“While Google has shifted its strategy, we remain incredibly excited about what we’ve been working on for Stadia and if the project isn’t released for Stadia we will take it to other platforms,” he told VGC.

Other projects reported to be canceled were a multiplayer game codenamed Frontier — led by a former Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate producer named Francois Pelland — and a sequel to Journey to the Savage Planet. The team formerly known as Typhoon was an internal studio that had been in full production mode for the latter. VGC was told both development teams found out their projects were canceled along with the public announcement.

In a statement to GamesRadar+ on Feb. 28, Google stated this report “was inaccurate and reported hearsay as fact.” It also denied VGC’s assertions about canceled Kojima and Yu Suzuki projects, and that Google has nothing with either developer announced.

In Stadia-related news: on Feb. 8, Terraria’s unannounced Stadia port was said to have been canceled because developer Re-Logic’s Google accounts were locked out without explanation. In a new update posted to the Terraria forum on Feb. 27, Re-Logic announced the Stadia version would proceed as planned. Google had reached out, provided transparency, and restored access to all accounts. While there’s no word on when it’ll launch for Stadia, the statement says the game is currently at Google for certification review.


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