Google Stadia Launch Lineup Nearly Doubles Days Before Release

More for people who don't feel like playing Tomb Raider

Google Stadia, the company’s new game streaming service, is about two days away from its release date, and the company is coming in at the eleventh hour to add ten more games to the launch lineup.

Just last week an original list of 12 games was unveiled, 25% of which were the three games that make up Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider reboot trilogy, but now the search engine company has announced a few more launch titles that might draw you in as an Google Stadia early adopter. Maybe. The full list, courtesy of Geoff Keighley on Twitter, is as follows:

Notable additions include Final Fantasy XVWolfenstein: Youngblood, and Farming Simulator 2019. Several of these were originally planned to launch in a nebulous “before the end of the year” window, but now they’ll be available on the streaming service on day one.

If none of this is really enticing you, which is fair because these games are readily available on other systems (which has historically not been a great way to bring out your new gaming product. Just ask the Wii U.), Google is in the process of creating studios that will bring exclusive games and content to Stadia. But according to Stadia Games & Entertainment’s Jade Raymond, these are still several years away. It may not mean much to people looking to invest early, but Raymond says Google is playing the long game in building an ecosystem for the Stadia in terms of exclusive games. The main reason for this is to build studios from the ground up to utilize the cloud tech behind it so they can deliver experiences that can’t be achieved on platforms like PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox.

More on Google Stadia and the games that are on it:

With launch only days away, Google is under some heavy scrutiny to deliver on something as revolutionary as it’s promised Stadia will be. However, recent AMAs have revealed some expected features, like family sharing so you don’t have to buy a game multiple times on multiple accounts, won’t be available on day one.


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