Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest is Returning and I’m Already Exhausted

Just don't make it as long this time around, Geoff.

Vaccinations are going out, the light at the end of the tunnel is well and in sight. But it doesn’t look like the games industry is about to fully recover in 2021. As such, Mr. Video Games himself, Geoff Keighley, has announced he’s doing another revealapalooza by doing Summer Game Fest again. My god, I am already so tired.

Keighly confirmed in a tweet the event will return in June, and any developer interested in having their game spotlighted in the several months-long showcase can submit their project up until April 9, Which is only a week from now. That’s not exactly a ton of notice. The form to submit games asks a lot of general questions about whatever developers would like to show, but also asks questions about whether or not the games have been shown off at other digital events, and if they have an exclusive look to show at the Summer Game Fest. Looks like Keighley is trying to get some World Premieres for the show lined up.

Last year, Keighley announced Summer Game Fest as a four-month-long replacement for events like E3, and had publishers like Sony, Microsoft, and Square-Enix signed on to present games and other announcements. But from the sound of it, the man’s received enough feedback that this was too much and will be streamlining accordingly.

In other news:

While the end of the pandemic is within reach, much of the video game industry is still reeling from the after effects. For a lot of studios this has manifested in delays, but it’s also meant we’re still learning about upcoming games through digital events that come right after another.