Genshin Impact Will Finally Update to 2.7 At the End of May

The long-delayed update finally has a date and a duration.

Late last month, Genshin Impact developer Hoyoverse confirmed rumors that the upcoming version 2.7 update for the game would be delayed from its original May 10 release date. While the company declined to provide a reason beyond “project progress,” it was presumed that COVID lockdowns in Shanghai prevented much of the team from actually working on the game. Today, Hoyoverse finally gave a date for version 2.7, indicating that they’re confident they can hit it.

Version 2.6 will end on May 31 with a five-hour maintenance period, giving way to the 2.7 update right after. That update, which has not yet been entirely detailed but we have a lot of good assumptions about, will last six weeks until 2.8 launches on July 13. When the 2.7 update launches, the Serenitea Pot will also be fixed after having been broken for over a month.

The delayed update is a first for Genshin Impact, which usually operates like clockwork. As mentioned, the Serenitea Pot is scheduled to finally be fixed, which prevented players from placing objects in their home base since April. That’s fine, no one cares that much about Serenitea object placement, except it ran up against a scheduled event in Genshin, creating a weird crash of broken and intended mechanics. The current running event has players mixing spices to put into dishes and prompting them to give these newly-spiced dishes to different characters in the Serenitea Pot to level up their friendship.

However, placing items — including characters — has been broken since April. You can see the problem here. It is a weird example of how the various moving parts of making a Game-As-A-Service can suddenly become incongruous if one of those parts suddenly stops moving.

The 2.7 update should, among other things, bring the already-announced 5-star Hydro sniper Yelan and the 4-star Electro ninja Kuki Shinobu, though it’s not yet been announced how the banners will be distributed.