Genshin Impact 3.0 Leaks Vary Up New Characters A Little Bit

We get our first look at Sumeru as well as new characters that will be coming with the latest region and content updates.

It’s hard to really say how much Genshin Impact’s recent update delay pushed the free-to-play game’s unbendingly rigid live schedule, but it’s safe to say it must have had some kind of effect. As we near the 2.8 content, and are getting a livestream to detail exactly what that must be, leakers are already datamining out things from the huge 3.0 update coming down the line.

On big whole-number updates, Genshin Impact tends to add major new regions, like Inazuma in 2.0. This time around, the Traveler and Paimon are heading to Sumeru, a desert-like region run by the Dendro Archon. While the Dendro element has been alluded to in Genshin Impact since the beginning — mostly in the forms of Dendro Slimes and Samachurls — no playable character has been able to use the element yet. According to leaks, however, that’s soon changing.

Numerous chaarcter leaks have been coming out through Twitter and Reddit, but this recent tweet from a Genshin leak aggregation account makes things more succinct.

Shown are models for multiple new characters. There’s Tighnari, Collei, Dehya, Al Haitham,  Nilou, Dori, and Nahida. All are presumed to be characters specifically from Sumeru and be doled out over future updates, gacha-style. Nahida is, according to some leakers, the Dendro Archon.

The regions in Genshin Impact are largely based on existing real-world areas — Liyue on China, Inazuma on Japan — and Sumeru is presumed to be based on the Middle East and Northern Africa. While Tevyat is a fictional world that is even alien to its main character, it’s kind of surprising how…light-skinned everyone from Sumeru appears to be.

The closest to melanin any one of the new characters approaches is Dehya, a Pyro element that is about as dark as previous Pyro character Xinyan. Given the fictional nature of the game, I’m inclined to just wave it off, but there’s a character there named Al Haitham, presumably after the Arab mathematician and father of the theory of optics. I have never met the real guy, but I don’t think he looks like that.

It’s a bit of an eyebrow raise when you think about how the Chinese government has taken an interest in Genshin Impact character design and that interest coincided with some characters in the game getting redesigned. It’s hard to say what’s a creative decision and what’s being proactive about government oversight.

Now, these are leaks, so these characters could end up differing. They could also not be from Sumeru, which is a presumption at this point and not necessarily confirmed. We’ll probably find out before too long. It’s also not an attack to say I wish they varied up the designs a bit, because Genshin Impact’s character designs can get a little samey, though it does seem like we’re getting a new costume for Diluc finally.

We should get a glimpse of the 2.8 update in a livestream on July 2, which may have some of the characters above in it. In the meantime, the newest 4-star character Kuki Shinobu is still available. If you happened to pull the 5-star Yelan, you definitely want to kit her about a bit, too.


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