Gearbox Announces First Borderlands 3 DLC And Events

The studio's PAX West panel revealed the first details of the various paid and free content.

Borderlands 3 already looks like a massive endeavor for their dedicated fans to explore, but already, Gearbox is preparing them for more. At a panel hosted by the studio at PAX West on Friday, they unveiled an absurd amount of information, including the information for the first set of upcoming DLC. And players will be glad to know that not only is there the paid DLC, but there will also be free content packs and “events” available to all Borderlands 3 players.

These updates are shown as part of the “2019 Fall/Winter Content Calendar,” so we can assume the following will be available in the coming months after the game’s release.

The first free DLC pack and event is called the “Bloody Harvest Event,” which will have some gameplay updates as well as exclusive event content. Based off the name of the event and a hint at “spooky activities,” we can likely assume this is going to be some kind of Halloween-themed event. And per Gearbox’s controversial CEO Randy Pitchford at the PAX West panel, this update won’t focus on microtransactions.

The next free update will be the “Maliwan Takedown.” While there are few details, the concept of Borderlands 3’s “Takedown” was described at the panel as “a raid but better,” coming not too long off the coattails of the prior event. It seems like a more extensive content update, with an all-new map and new enemies included. The update is described as a sort of extension of the endgame, including a massive boss with “badass loot,” so the new gameplay  will likely be similar to a traditional MMORPG raid. Like the Bloody Harvest event, it’ll be available to all players — and given it was presented without the “event” name, it may just stick around forever.

There will also be the first paid DLC pack this season, which was described as a serious extension of the primary game with new narratives, maps, levels and more.  However, fewer details were shared about this specific DLC pack than about the others except its scale. Again, as this one is a paid DLC, it’ll only be available to those who buy it or own any version of Borderlands 3  with a Season Pass.

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This is all on top of Borderlands 3‘s previously announced endgame and online content, as well as the other news shared at the PAX West panel. There, they unveiled additional difficulty modes, a “New Game+” mode and a new endgame progression system. Gearbox also announced that Borderlands 2, which was announced at the panel too, will be getting its own content update: the Bad Ass Mega Fun DLC pack, which essentially just loops in 16 DLC packs from Borderlands 2 into its VR mode.

In short, Gearbox appears to be trying to keep players engaged well beyond the initial campaign, even more so than how they approached previous games’ DLC. It’s not far off from other games’ “games as a service” models, where developers try to keep their game “online” as long as possible, such as with Destiny 2.

Interestingly as well, a slew of recent controversies didn’t stop Pitchford from appearing in-person to represent Gearbox at PAX West. He’s been accused of assault by Claptrap’s former voice actor, a former Gearbox employee who wasn’t paid for the additional role in the company; diverting funds from the company for personal use; and leaving a flash drive of scandalous content at a Medieval Times venue. However, fans have rallied behind the company, with many agreeing one man’s actions don’t entirely demean the work of the studio as a whole.

Regardless, fans are reveling in every detail given Borderlands 3’s release is quickly approaching. It drops Sept. 13 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as exclusively on the Epic Games Store for its first six months on PC.