Gay Icon Tsareena is Coming to Pokemon Unite Next Week

The MOBA's roster gets a little bit sassier.

The Pokemon series is full of gay icons. Whether that be Pokemon themselves like Galarian Ponyta, who was certainly for the gays, or trainers like Peony, the burly bear who is noted as having a distinctly male fanbase in-universe. Well, Pokemon Unite is about to get a little bit gayer, because Tsareena, Generation VII grass type and distinct gay icon in the Pokemon universe, is coming to the MOBA next week. Just look at her:

Tsareena debuted in Pokemon Sun & Moon, and fits into the All-Rounder class in Pokemon Unite. She’ll be the third character to represent Generation VII alongside Decidueye and Zeraora when she launches on December 9. The real question is “where will she rank on Fanbyte’s official Pokemon Unite tier list that’s been updated to represent the game as of November 2021?” Check out her move set and all her sass in the character spotlight trailer below:

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Tsareena’s reveal comes long after she, among other characters like Greedent and Decidueye, leaked earlier this year. But alas, despite her distinct representation of queer culture, she’s not gonna pull me away from my Pikachu one-trick life. That’s a spot reserved for Torterra, Houndoom, or Beautifly. Maybe Corviknight. None of which are in the works. But hey, Pokemon Unite isn’t even a year old. So there’s still time for any of those to come to the roster.

[Disclaimer: Fanbyte is owned by Tencent, which also co-developed Pokemon Unite. Though the company has no editorial oversight with Fanbyte Media. Nor have any of its representatives had direct contact with this writer.]