Gardevoir Arrives as Pokemon Unite’s First Post-Launch Character

The Pokemon MOBA has only been out for a week.

Just a week after its launch on Switch, Pokemon Unite is getting its first add-on character in the Psychic Pokemon Gardevoir.

The new Ranged Attacker Pokemon will be available tomorrow, July 28, if you’ve got the in-game currency (or real-world currency) to unlock them. As the role suggests, a lot of Gardevoir’s attacks keep them at a distance, but they also have what looks like some pretty devastating area-of-effect attacks, as well.

Check out the showcase trailer for Gardevoir below, courtesy of the Pokemon Unite social channels:

Pokemon Unite is available on Switch now, but is also coming to mobile platforms sometime in September. The game is a bit of a genre departure for the series, as it’s the first MOBA Pokemon game. A lot of us at Fanbyte have been playing the game pretty regularly, and it’s a pretty solid “my first MOBA.” Although it does have some mechanics that could use some tweaking.

Anyway, even with Gardevoir coming and more Pokemon likely on the way, I’m a Pikachu main until I die, unless they decide to make Raichu playable, but that would require anyone to treat my boy with respect.

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Pokemon Unite is one of the big tentpole games coming out in 2021 as part of the franchise’s 25th anniversary. Earlier this year New Pokemon Snap came to Switch, and later this year Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are coming to the system, which are remakes of the original Diamond & Pearl that launched on the Nintendo DS in 2006.

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