GameStop Trades-In CFO Jim Bell For $5 Toward A Used Ipod Shuffle

His stock options pay out in Funko Pops.

GameStop is unable to stay out of the news, but it’s rarely for good reasons. Hot off the heels of acting as an unwitting centerpiece to the largest stock market upheaval in modern history, the company has announced that its Chief Financial Officer Jim Bell is taking his leave from the company in a press release this afternoon.

“GameStop Corp. today announced that Jim Bell, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, will be resigning from his roles on March 26, 2021,” GameStop wrote. “The Company thanks Mr. Bell for his significant contributions and leadership, including his efforts over the past year during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The press release, obviously, does not go into reasoning for Bell’s departure, though said massive-transfer-of-wealth might be a good reason. The company’s attempted relaunch as a physical gathering spot for gamers shortly before COVID-19 pandemic could be another one. Or the bad press they received for attempting to stay open as an essential business, or not giving their employees proper protection for working during the pandemic, or the closing of hundreds of stores over just a few years. An IGN story published today indicated that shareholders were openly revolting against GameStop’s board, which may also have contributed.

I hope he bought a protection plan before he resigned, though.