Fuck the Hogwarts Game, Spellbreak 1.0 Lets You Kill Wizards for Free

The power to be a murder-wizard is already at your fingertips.

Spellbreak, Proletariat Inc.’s surprising new battle royale, is gearing up for its very first drop of seasonal content. On Oct. 22, Prologue: The Gathering Storm will launch with a brand new multiplayer mode: team deathmatch. 

AKA 9v9 Clash, Spellbreak deathmatch mode will have two teams comprised of three squads of three. According to the devs, this is a “new way to experience Spellbreak,” and newbies to the magical cage match may find this mode to be an easier way to find their footing as they experiment with different playstyles. Spellbreak utilizes different elemental gauntlets for its magical combat, so there’s plenty to mess with when starting out. That’s right, kids, no wands here, just enchanted fist action.

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But The Gathering Storm has even more in store. In addition to the new mode, three new talents will also be making an appearance. Ambidextrous will allow you to enable your class ability in your off-hand gauntlet (this game is all about the magic fingies). Vigor will give you a bit of a health boost so you can hopefully make it to the top and become sorcerer supreme. Foresight, the final of the three, will mark any nearby players on your map, as well as revealing future shrines and circles. 

New outfits, artifacts, and other cosmetics are also on the way, and many of them are going to be Halloween themed, so you can live your best witch fantasy in style. No stuffy robes to be found here. 

Like the main game, The Gathering Storm will be free-to-play and will add extra weekly quests to score in-game loot so you don’t have to drop a single dime to be a cool ass wizard. Personally, I’m all here for even more ways to magically murder my friends without supporting transphobes or dropping $60 out the gate. And, since its crossplay, you can check out our guide on how to play with friends wherever they game!


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