Fourex Looks to Be the New PUBG Mobile Exclusive Map

No, it's not some kind of grand strategy mode.

Echoing words uttered by community head Ocho not long ago, it looks as if PUBG Mobile is set to receive another new map in the not-too-distant future. Referred to simply as “Secretmap” in the current beta build, the map has been dubbed “Fourex” by fans. It’s expected to arrive with version 0.19.0.

The release date of said patch hasn’t been made official yet, and while we’d usually be anticipating 0.18.5 to arrive in June following past update patterns, the delayed release of the current patch could see 0.18.5 and 0.19.0 released as a single, massive update.

PUBG Mobile Fourex map
Credit: YouTuber/Rolex

So what’s going on with the map then? While millions of eager beavers will note that it’s certainly not Erangel 2.0, Fourex is set to bring the best of the game’s Battle Royale map roster into one complete package.

It’s a hybrid map consisting of terrain types taken from Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. Think of a PUBG Mobile Frankenstein’s Monster and you’ve got Fourex, with the name reflecting the four maps used to piece it together.

All of the currently available information regarding the new map comes from the current beta build on Android. Officially invites have since ceased, but an APK of the current build is circulating online, which should give any players too excited to wait a fairly easy route into the current beta build.

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For those not too keep on potentially grabbing some rogue file in the process, popular YouTuber Rolex explored the map on a recent video, with the PUBG Mobile Twitter team even retweeting it.

In it, it’s clear to see it’s in an unfinished state, with the upcoming map’s landmarks having placeholder names that are sure to change — unless Tencent wants to go for the computer hacker aesthetic with the mashup look.

It appears Fourex isn’t a full 100-player map like those it borrows from. In the video, Rolex drops in with 49 other players, making it similar to something like Quick Match. It’s still listed in the Classic tab for now, but with kills are narrated in the same way as in the various Arena modes, this classification could chance on release.

When you get down to it, Fourex features not only an amalgamation of the game’s main four maps, but a few genuinely new additions. Waterfalls are present and seem to have players screaming from the rooftops already. The video even highlights an operational monster truck parked in a town, so expect the hills to be a treacherous area when you land.

One detail noticed by other players is the healing power of the hot springs. Standing in the warm water replenishes your energy meter.

They don’t appear to be filled with energy drinks or adrenaline, but they have a similar effect on a character, eventually activating the speed boost and natural health regen you get from those items. It’s like the new Miramar vending machines, only easier to find.

Fourex keeping to its current Classic categorization would make it the first PUBG Mobile exclusive battle royale map. Whether it’s being made to fill in for something like Karakin is anyone’s guess, but the player outcry should that be the case won’t be pretty.

The map could arrive as early as next month, but July could be on the cards, too.


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