Fortnite Datamine Suggests A Street Fighter Crossover

Can you even do that? Sure you can.

It is a little difficult for Fortnite, the incredibly popular battle royale/toybox, to phase us even more. After both Kratos and Master Chief became playable skins in the game a few months ago to surprisingly little conversation, we have largely become desensitized to the churning wheel of licenses Epic Games keeps bringing to their online shooter.

However, a new datamine suggests that Street Fighter may soon be landing in Fortnite’s universe, which isn’t actually all that different from the other crossovers in theory except for the fact that I like Street Fighter more.

Fortnite dataminer @ShiinaBR put on their data hardhat and took out their data pickaxe and found an upcoming multiverse portal labeled “Skirmish.” The data for the portal does not leave a lot of room for doubt on where it leads.

That’s pretty clearly Suzaku Castle, Ryu’s stage from Street Fighter II, along with a somewhat muddied version of Ryu’s theme playing through the portal. That seems fairly ironclad.

According to Eurogamer, the currently-encrypted characters are only identified as a male and a female. The obvious guess would be Ryu, whose stage is clearly represented, and Chun-Li, who is famous enough for Nicki Minaj to straight up write a song about her.

This is potentially exciting news for fans of either Street Fighter or Fortnite, but it’s possibly terrible news for people who really like Six Degrees of Separation and trying to figure out how to connect video game characters through crossovers. One would think that Ryu’s inclusion in the Super Smash Bros. series would connect him to every single character, but his possible Fortnite appearance really just puts the final nail in the coffin. The game just got way too easy! There will be, in theory, one degree of separation between Ryu and John Wick. That’s not fun. Ryu is just smashing the curve here.