Fortnite and Among Us Hint at a Collab After Ripoff Claims

Two of the biggest online multiplayer games seem to be making nice.

Back in August, Fortnite launched a new mode called Impostors, which was very clearly inspired by Innersloth’s social deduction game Among Us. The mode, and the lack of credit or collaboration, led to some responses from Innersloth developers expressing hurt regarding the clear inspiration without any sort of acknowledgment. Well, it looks like there might be amendments being made, as Epic has officially recognized Among Us has the inspiration for Impostors two months later.

The development began on Fortnite’s blog, which named Among Us as inspiration for the mode. As of this writing, there’s no such mention actually within Fortnite. However, when we asked Epic for comment on the matter, we were directed to a new Twitter thread between the official Fortnite and Among Us Twitter accounts implying a more concrete collaboration is in the works between both games.

We also reached out to Innersloth, and a representative responded saying “it’s cool to see [Epic} acknowledging their inspiration now. Who knows what the future will hold!”

In other news:

Fortnite acknowledging that Among Us’ success in the past year played a role in its integrating its own social deduction game is at least a nice gesture, but if Innersloth can also get in on this in some way, that would feel like a more concrete make good. Whether this is in the form of Among Us skins in Fortnite or integrating something from Innersloth’s game into the Impostors mode remains to be seen.

Whatever the Fortnite collaboration is, this is hardly Among Us’ first appearance in another game. Earlier this year, Innersloth and Mediatonic collaborated to bring Among Us content to Fall Guys in the form of new skins.


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