Former BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson Founds New Studio

It's a little light on details, but things are just now brewing.

Not too long ago, Casey Hudson left BioWare for the second time. Hudson had departed the studio after 14 years in 2014, aiming to pursue new projects as a creative director in Microsoft. Within a few years, he was back as BioWare’s general manager to steer the ship in a better direction. After announcing a new Dragon Age and a new Mass Effect, Hudson departed again and this time is founding an independent studio.

Hudson made the announcement on Twitter, leaving a lot of details yet to be revealed, though the announcement seemed to be for general recruiting more than trying to announce or market any end product yet.

It’s hard to say what kind of games they will be making, but considering Hudson has spent the vast majority of his career at BioWare and was director of the Mass Effect trilogy, it seems likely that choice-based narrative games with an action bent are probably on the table.