For 10 Seconds, Twitter Made Me Think a Persona 3 Remake Was Coming

Burn this dread. Burn it to the ground.

Because I have brainworms and live a dangerous amount of my life online, yesterday I was perusing my Twitter feed as I do most days. Checking out the news, liking my friends’ sharing of their work, and of course I was engaging in the meme of the day (ask me my top 3 anything). But then I looked over to trending tags, and saw #Persona3Remake was near the top, with several thousand tweets already. My heart skipped a beat. Persona 3 is probably my favorite of the modern Persona games and seeing it remade to look and play as well as Persona 5 does would be a dream.

I hurriedly clicked on the tag to see what was up, and very quickly I was deflated as I looked upon the tweets that followed in despair. No Persona 3 remake was coming. Instead, apparently a (rather sizeable) group of Persona 3 fans had organized and coordinated for that day to get the tag trending to essentially make their case for why Persona 3 deserves a remake. The day in question, January 31, 2020, is a ten year anniversary of the original PS2 games’ final battle, which made it an apt day for the fans to make its push.

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Some of these fans just recounted their memories of Persona 3 and made their case that way, but some went the extra mile and made graphics breaking down all the positives of giving the game that 2020 coat of paint:

This isn’t to say Persona 3 hasn’t gotten any love over the years, as the game has been remade on some platforms, just not ones most people consider “modern.” The enhanced port for PlayStation Portable, Persona 3 Portable, brought improvements to the battle system and the option to play as a female protagonist (who, while typically considered non-canon, did appear in the 3DS dungeon crawler Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth), but did retool things like replacing 3D environments for a point-and-click overview of the game world and removed animated cutscenes in favor of screenshots and text descriptions. This version is playable on the PlayStation Vita, which is the most recent system the game has been playable on in any form.

Since the original game launched, Persona 3 characters have been kept in the public consciousness through repeated appearances in the series’ many spin-offs. Along with the Persona Q series, Persona 3 got its own rhythm game in Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight, and all of its (living) cast appeared a few years older in the Persona 4 Arena games as playable fighters. Along with the game appearances, Persona 3 was adapted into a series of four feature-length movies, but was never officially dubbed with the English voice cast.

Whether this campaign will prompt Atlus and P-Studio to consider a Persona 3 remake or not, Persona fans have a fair bit to look forward to just in the coming year. Persona 5 Royal, an enhanced version of the original game, is coming to PlayStation 4 in the west on March 31. A Dynasty Warriors-style spin-off (but kind of a sequel) called Persona 5 Scramble is also coming to PlayStation 4 and Switch this year, but there’s no word on when it will make its way to western markets just yet.


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