I Would Like Claude to Kiss a Man in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

He deserves it. And dammit, so do we.

I didn’t get around to finishing Fire Emblem: Three Houses back in 2019. I was really enjoying it, but when I got to the time skip at the Switch game’s midpoint happened, I was pulled away by other things. But while the strategy RPG remains elusive to me, now that our attention has shifted over to Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, I have but one question: since this Musou spin-off seems to be an alternate timeline from the original game it’s based on, can Claude kiss a boy this time?

One of the things that honestly took the wind out of my sails on Fire Emblem: Three Houses was that a male protagonist couldn’t woo the Golden Deer leading man Claude, and with the way the character treats both versions of hero Byleth identically up to the point of planting a big ol’ kiss on his mouth, felt like a betrayal of its own writing more than anything else. But Three Hopes is an action game set in an alternate timeline, one where Byleth is playing a more enigmatic (possibly antagonistic) role, and the main character is newbie Shez, who can be either a man or a woman depending on which the player picks. And while there’s no reason to believe the game is bringing back the romance mechanics of the game it originated from, I would very much like for Shez to smooch Claude and the Golden Deer leader to get his chance to be the bisexual king he was always meant to be. Sure, that will sting for those who shipped Byleth and Claude, but at least Claude will get to live his truth.

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All my huffing and puffing about a three-year-old game aside, the latest trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes puts a spotlight on Shez and their choice to join one of the three factions at the center of Three Houses’ conflict. Similar to the original game, the decision the player makes on who to side with will result in different playable characters and a different outcome to its story. Byleth is involved somehow, and the player will be able to choose which version of the character appears if they want to make it more in line with their own playthrough of Three Houses.

Check out the trailer below: