Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC Adds New Gay Romance That Isn’t Claude

There's also dog interactions and a sauna?

I’ve still not beaten Fire Emblem: Three Houses and I’m playing on the Golden Deer route, so I only have the vaguest of recollection of who Jeritza is. But now that he’s been added as a support character in the game’s latest DLC, S-Rank for both male and female Byleth included, I guess I better get invested in him real fast.

No, he’s not Claude von Riegan, the clearly bisexual disaster of the Golden Deer, but he’s also not Linhardt von Hevring, the only other gay romance option in the RPG, whose entire personality boils down to him wanting to sleep. Like, all the time. So I’m hoping this will be an upgrade in my possible romantic conquests in Three Houses.

It’s important to note that Jeritza is only available as a party member and possible beau for Byleth on the Black Eagles route, which, if you’ve gotten far enough into the game you probably know why that’s the case. But it does make Jeritza among the few characters you can’t recruit while part of rivaling houses.

Along with adding Jeritza, the update (as detailed on Nintendo’s site) brings some new activities to do during your free time, including interacting with dogs and cats at the Monastery (although it’s been confirmed you cannot pet the dog) and access to a sauna. Rounding out the new content are butler and maid outfits for you and your students and allowing you to recruit Anna to your party, who previously only made an appearance as a merchant. It is worth noting that she doesn’t have support conversations like most party members, but she does bring a new mission along with her.

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Jeritza and Anna’s additions as party members leaked through a guidebook back in September, which means the other upcoming content mentioned in that guidebook is likely coming as well, which includes four new playable characters, support conversations, and a new side story called “Abyss Mode.”

While all this new stuff might sound like a lot of content to sift through, Three Houses wasn’t exactly lacking in stuff to do before this update. I was already having trouble being decisive about what to do on my free time, whether it was fishing, wooing people with gifts and material things to gain their affections, or finding ways to unlock the more complex combat classes for characters I never even brought out into battle in the first place.

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