Underground Punks In Fire Emblem: Three Houses Make Me Want To Play

The new Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC has a fourth house with anti-society outcasts and I want in on this.

Did you get all three houses’ storylines in Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Good, because that must have been a lot of time. And Nintendo wants to take more of it by throwing in a fourth house! Yesterday, as Byleth was unveiled for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Nintendo unveiled the trailer for Cindered Shadows, the first new storyline for the FE:TH Expansion Pass It features a full new storyline featuring an entirely new house. It lacks the snooty nature that the other three houses give off. And so while I’ve never played any Fire Emblem game in my life, the punk rock nature of it all makes me want in.

The story goes: as it turns out, there’s a fourth house called the “Ashen Wolves.” They live underground in Garreg Mach, where their existence is but a rumor at the time. Of course, being the protagonist, you can venture down into The Abyss and discover a group of young’ems hanging out. They’re united under the “house” name Ashen Wolves, full of those who have rejected Garreg Mach’s day-to-day life.

I promise this isn’t an exaggeration. Like, straight-up from the beginning, they identify as anti-sunlight goths. They avoid the sunlight. They go out of their way to not be anywhere near daylight. Their clothes are white, grey, and dark purple! That’s super goth-punk-looking!

“Abyss is home to those who shun the light of day,” a short-haired blonde girl describes. I didn’t make that up. It’s a direct quote from the trailer.

But more importantly, they have a true punk rock background: they’re outcasts! They talk about the world shunning them. Despite being from all walks of life, they’re under one banner of outcast life.  And they could never find a teacher for their skills.

And skills, do they have: each brings new weapons and magic to train students with. For instance, Balthus, a larger and buffer-looking student, brings in the Vajra-Mushti, a pair of gauntlets which honestly look like lobster claws with a “grappling” move (which doesn’t really grapple). There are also Constance and Hapi, whose class appears to be a cross between a Pegasus Knight and a Dark Mage.

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Of course, given it’s a new house path, there’ll also be a whole new line of quests to follow. Basically, of course, there will be new battles, because it’s Fire Emblem. But that also means a new set of “school” interactions. And the pickings look great this time! We have the cutesy deathball Constance, the kind and buff , the bitter shy woman Hapi, and the shonen emo boy Yuri, who all my fellow edgy bi girls are going to lean towards for at least one run, I absolutely know it. But personally, I love all of them.

And as all of them are outcasts in their own way, I’m sure we’ll get some emotional storylines. After all, what’s more punk and goth than being true to oneself and the sacrifices we make to keep it that way while trying to do our best for humanity? I want in on this. Except I gotta wait until February 12th, which isn’t soon enough to leave society.