Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Demo is Finally Available

Play as Cloud and co. on your PS4 right now.

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s demo has been an open secret for awhile. It even leaked details about the RPG before it was technically even announced. But now, Square-Enix has finally dropped the thing onto the PlayStation Network for people to get a taste of the game before its launch next month. That’s a solid compensation for delaying the game, I suppose, as it would have been launching this week before it was pushed to April 10.

According to the demo’s PlayStation Network listing, it contains the first chapter of the game, covering Cloud and Barret’s mission to destroy the Mako Reactor 1. The listing also mentions that you can’t carry any of this progress over to the main game, and notes that some of what’s found in it may not be the same in the final game. A lot of demos might cut things out or change things to avoid spoilers, so expect some things to be just a little bit different when you play Final Fantasy VII Remake proper.

Scrolling through the extremely scientific data gathering tool known as YouTube Let’s Plays, it appears the demo ranges anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour of play time, so this is roughly the first hour of the game depending on how quickly you can get through it. After you’re done playing it, you should check out our podcast impressions of not only this section, but an additional two hours, as well.

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In other Final Fantasy news, NHK, a broadcasting company in Japan, held a poll for its viewers to vote on what the best games in the series are, and they chose the right one. Taste. It lives.


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