Final Fantasy VII Remake Sets New Launch Month Records for the Franchise

The best-selling game of April 2020.

Industry-tracking firm The NPD Group has revealed that Final Fantasy VII Remake has set multiple impressive records, including several launch month records for the Final Fantasy franchise.

Regardless of future changes, Final Fantasy VII Remake is reportedly the best-selling game of April 2020, outperforming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Animal Crossing: New Horizons during the month in the U.S. As of the writing of this article, it’s also the best-selling PlayStation 4 game and the third best-selling game of the year overall in the U.S., sitting just below the two aforementioned games. This is subject to change, of course, especially with big releases like The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima around the corner.

In regards to Final Fantasy franchise records, Final Fantasy VII Remake has dethroned Final Fantasy XV‘s records for launch month unit and dollar sales, which the latter had held since it was released in December 2016. This is even more impressive considering Final Fantasy VII Remake was released only for the PlayStation 4, while Final Fantasy XV was launched on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Additionally, Final Fantasy XV had built up excitement over the many years since it was first announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and made use of that excitement through the creation of supplementary media like Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV.

Sure, the market for video games is bigger, and COVID-19 has had various effects on it (such as the “very strong digital sales” of Final Fantasy VII Remake), but it’s worth noting the game’s success. After all, Square Enix confirmed shipments and digital sales for the game exceeded 3.5 million worldwide within the first three days of its April 10 release. It’s not exactly surprising given that the original Final Fantasy VII is the most famous entry in the series, even if it didn’t win the honor of being the best one according to a recent NHK poll. It bodes incredibly well for the future of the series, especially for the future installments of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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In an interview with, analyst Mat Piscatella of The NPD Group tells Editor-in-Chief Sam Desatoff, “This really is the golden age of JRPGs in the U.S. We consistently see sales of such games break franchise records and lead the charts when they are released. Even given that trend, Final Fantasy VII Remake was a bigger success than I had anticipated. A single-platform release is usually at a big of a disadvantage when going up against benchmark titles that are multiplatform. Final Fantasy VII Remake, however, exceeded those benchmarks. It really is a tribute to the hard work and effort from everyone who made the game happen.”

Piscatella had teased prior to the report’s release that, even though he’s been working with video game sales data for over 15 years, April 2020 is, “by far, the wildest month I think I’ve ever seen.” The reason soon became clear, as the report ultimately reveals that, “spending across Video Game Hardware, Software, Accessories, and Game Cards totaled $1.5 billion, 73% higher when compared to a year ago. This is a new record high in reported spend for an April month, eclipsing the $1.2 billion generated in April 2008.”