Final Fantasy VII Remake Seems to be Headed to the Epic Games Store

The game has been a PlayStation exclusive for over a year.

It looks like Final Fantasy VII Remake is about to leave PlayStation exclusivity, as the RPG has shown up in the Epic Games Store database.

Files referencing the game can be found on EpicData, implying that a PC launch for the once was PlayStation 4 exclusive is imminent. What remains to be seen is if this will include the Intergrade DLC/updated features like Photo Mode that came to PlayStation 5 earlier this month. The content is supposed to be exclusive to PlayStation 5 for at least six months, but for all we know at this point, Final Fantasy VII Remake might not be coming to the Epic Games Store until December.

Whatever the case, this is definitely over the full year Sony apparently had exclusivity to the RPG, which would have ended back in April. However, it’s been pretty clear that Final Fantasy VII Remake would come to PC in some form, as trailers for the game said some footage was captured on PC. If the exclusivity deal between Square-Enix and Sony is just about done, it may also make its way to Xbox in one way or another, as well.

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