Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Could Come to Other Systems if Demand is High

So, maybe there's hope?

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, a collection of the first six Final Fantasy games, is coming to Steam and mobile devices when it launches next week on July 28. But Square-Enix isn’t opposed to putting it on consoles if there’s demand for it. Which there certainly is, so let’s hope that the company actually takes note.

News of this comes from a Japanese Q&A (translated via Google Translate) posted to Square-Enix’s official site, where the company said the compilation is only coming to PC, phones, and tablets for now, but that other systems are on the table if people want them there. Which, again, sounds like a safe bet, as that was what made the original announcement a bit underwhelming. Who among us wouldn’t like to play through Final Fantasy I-VI on a Switch? Can’t say I’d personally be thrilled playing those games on my PlayStation 5, but why deny that to those who would?

In other news:

Shortly following the announcement of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, it was discovered the newly packaged games were using new assets, which found a kind of middle ground between the original games’ pixel art and the smoothed-out assets of Square-Enix’s last round of ports. So it could be better, but it could certainly be worse.


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